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How to Publish Posts by Email in WordPress

How to publish posts by email wordpress

Blogging apps help us to publish articles, photos and videos in WordPress from anywhere on the go. Just log into your site, write contents, upload images and finally hit the Publish button to send it to your readers. Very simple. Isn’t it?

You can easily manage blogs and contents through dedicated apps for your device platform. But a serious security threat is hiding behind this facility. If your device is lost or stolen, it will affect your blog security too.

Mostly, we store login credentials on the device itself either by password managers or browser feature. Thus we open doors towards criminals to log in and hack your website. Always protect your password manager account with a master key to prevent unauthorized access and secure your details. Publish posts by email is another solution to protect your WordPress blog from being hacked from a stolen device or keep update your blog during vacations.

In this post, we’ll tell you how to publish posts by email in WordPress.

Publish Post by email wordpress

Install and activate Jetpack plugin from WordPress library first. Connect your blog to WordPress.com. If you are not having an account there, create a new account and authorize Jetpack. Activate recommended features to start using the plugin.

Jetpack combines several plugins into one pack. It includes search engine optimization, image acceleration, backup, security, social media automation, traffic analytics, mobile themes and more. It also features hundreds of gorgeous, high-resolution themes for professional users. Posts by email is another notable feature that we’re going to discuss here.

Go to Jetpack > Settings and scroll down to locate Post by email menu.

Publish Post by email wordpress

This’s secret and unique email id for your WordPress website. Add it to your email contact list or regenerate address whenever needed.

Publish posts

Open email service you are using. Click Compose and insert your unique email address in To field. Please note you can only post to one recipient at a time.

Enter your post title in email subject field. Type post contents in the email body and insert or attach necessary images that match your content type.

Jetpack allows you to customize posts using shortcodes. You can assign categories and tags, disable comments, delay posts, change post status, manage slugs and more by inserting relevant shortcodes in your email post.

These are some sample shortcodes,

[Category Blogging, WordPress] – Publish posts in both Blogging and WordPress categories

[Tags Blogging tips, WordPress plugins] – Assign tags to the post

[Status publish | pending | draft | private] – Quickly assign a status to your content

[Delay +1 hour]                      – Delay the post by 1 hour

[Comments on | off]          – Turn on or off the comments

[End]                                     –  Finish the post. Everything after this shortcode is ignored (i.e. signatures). Make sure it’s on its own line with a blank line above it.