Public Relation or Content Marketing: What Is Better for Your Business

Public Relation or Content Marketing What Is Better for Your BusinessPin

Though considered to be two sides of the same coin Public relations and Content marketing are still at loggerheads. While some digital marketers find better leverage through the former others rests the case with the latter. Though the purpose of using both of them remains the same the manner in which execution is done is different. Here we will discuss with you which among Public relations or content marketing is better and why.

The difference in Tactics used

According to experts, Content marketing is closer to SEO than any other service. In the past, SEO meant getting links for your brand. This led to brands spamming their content everywhere in order to get visibility and a high ranking. However, now Google has become a tad stricter with the content you publish. They want you to deliver only authentic, original and valuable content and digital marketing services help you do just that. PRchitects handles the content marketing and PR needs of any client and tries to achieve a balance between both of them for one common goal.

On the other hand, PR is indirect advertising of your brand. You actually pay a company to speak about your brand in a positive light and thus garner attention towards you. This eliminates any negative opinion the customers may have of you and leads to the establishment of a strong relationship.

The difference in success metrics

The manner in which the success of Content marketing and a PR campaign are measured is quite different. For PR the success comes in the form of media placements, impressions, and press mentions. On the other hand, content marketing delivers in the form of page views, leads driven, and referrals. In today’s digital world just having a mention is not sufficient. Having a mention along with a link that leads to the website is a better deal.

Content marketing is tough to execute

Despite the fact that it yields quick results Content marketing success comes only after careful planning and strategy. You cannot hope to get any attention if you have not worked hard on the content marketing tactics. It requires specialized skills to be able to do that and then also the results can be rather erratic. At times you would get enviable returns and on certain occasions, you would just fall flat.

However, once you find out what exactly works best for you the success cannot be stopped. You see a spike in the traffic, leads, and sales as well. If we compare both content marketing and PR in this regard then the former would win the competition easily.

According to leading experts from a SEO company Dubai, content marketing helps in setting the right foundation for a brand’s digital success. Most businesses or agencies do not want to pursue it aggressively simply because of the amount of planning, strategizing and effort it takes. You need to base your digital success strategies on content. This is not something that is easy and can be executed by businesses without guidance and directions from agencies and marketers. 

Which is better for business?

While both content marketing and PR are important for any business the choice truly lies upon what you hope to achieve. If you are looking for quick returns in the form of sales you should contact a content marketing agency to do so for you. On the other hand, if you wish to work upon your reputation and the way customers think about you then PR strategies should be your area of focus.


In the hindsight, you can always achieve a balance between both PR and content marketing as that is what most people are trying to do. Use interesting content on your website to brink customers there. Add impressions on media to let people know how you are and what you are trying to offer. This visibility can be achieved with the help of a PR firm as they know how to bring about synchronization between both these parts of digital marketing. Once the same is achieved your brand rules the roost while you can relax peacefully.

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