19 Important Things To Do After Publishing a Blog post

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Important Things To Do After Publishing a Blog post

This is my another blog post. As a blogger, you know that my job won’t complete by simply hitting the Publish button.

What else?

We should follow a routine procedure each time after publishing a blog post. For what?

A viral post is always in our dreams. We want to get maximum attention to our posts. Search engine traffic may not enough to attain our goal. So what’s the solution?

Make use of social media and blogging communities. They can divert massive traffic if your post is worth to it. Without readers, your hard work will go waste. Is it?

Follow these steps from the next time, after publishing a blog post. Make sure that there is no mistakes, link errors in the post before hitting Publish.

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1. Google automatically crawl your website at frequent intervals. Even though, submit your new link to popular webmaster accounts- Google, Bing, and Yandex. So they will index your post without any delay and bring readers to it.

2. Share it to your Facebook profile and page. The posts will get maximum reachability in peak hours. If it’s not peak hour among your targetted audiences, schedule it for later.

3. Tweet it. Share link among your followers on Twitter. Peak hour strategy is applicable to all social networks. Schedule your posts if needed.

4. Pin your post images to a separate Pinterest board. The photo-sharing site can bring a good amount of traffic by way of images. If users found it useful, they will start following your board which will be very helpful for you in future.

5. Stumble it. StumbleUpon is a popular social site for bloggers. Stumble your link to it.

6. Post your link to Google+ profile and page. It is useful for getting organic traffic too. Google will show your G+ links to your friends when they are searching for related contents.

7. Share your link to the LinkedIn profile.

8. Post blog images to Flickr along with the URL. As I said earlier, photo sharing sites can create a positive impact on your blog marketing.

9. Share your post on Tumblr.

10. Submit your link on Reddit.

11. Share your post on Medium.

12. Share your post on relevant Facebook groups.

13. Share your link on Google+ communities.

14. Submit link on LinkedIn groups.

15. Submit link on joined blogging communities.

16. Use Viral Content Buzz which is an excellent platform for promoting blog posts. Top social media influencers will share your posts in exchange for credits. Thus, the post will reach the maximum number of audiences.

17. Flip your content to Flipboard magazine.

18. Send posts to friends, fellow bloggers and ask them to share it with their network.

19. Send notifications to your subscribers, if you are not using any automatic solution.

That’s all. Now you can sit and relax. We did everything for promoting the post. People will find it and your traffic will be improved within a short period of time.

Do you have a different method to market the contents? Then, let us know it through comments.

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