How to Change the Number of Posts Displayed in WordPress

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Wordpress tips

Do you know how many posts WordPress displays on homepage by default?

10. This number is common for any kind of site.

If you want to increase or decrease the limit, we will tell you how.

Sign in to your dashboard first. Open Settings > Reading to find relevant settings.

wordpress tips

Find Blog pages show at most option there.

wordpress tips

Enter how many posts you want to display in the home page. It asks for blog pages actually. But I assume, you are following default configurations to publish posts and not using a custom static page as home.

If you have any sticky posts, their numbers won’t be counted in overall front page contents. Suppose you are entered 7 in the above field and have two sticky posts, then 7+2 =9. Your front page will show 9 posts in total.

Save changes. This setting is applicable to the homepage only. What will you do to customize post numbers in parts of the site including category, tags, archive, author pages?

There is a simple plugin called Custom Posts Per Page and I was using it for a long time to manage post numbers in other pages. It allows us to define post numbers in all pages of a WordPress site.

wordpress tips

It is an open-source tool but hasn’t been updated in last 2 years. I think the developer is no longer maintaining the plugin and searched for alternatives. But nothing found till now. If you are familiar with any such tools, let us know through comments.

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