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How to Enable Anonymous or Guest Comments in WordPress

guest comments wordpress

Before commenting, we need to insert our name and email address in most of the sites. Sometimes, we should register them as well. It is a good precaution taken by the website owners to prevent spam comments.

Recently one of our readers, who started blogging early this month, told me that he want to enable guest comments on his blog. But he is ignorant about the procedure and asked me the details. I guided him and warned against spammers.

By default, users should fill up a form while posting comments. You can enable or disable this option in the Discussion settings (Settings > Discussion Settings).

Guest Comments

Uncheck both boxes to enable anonymous or guest comments in the default WordPress comment system. Now readers can share their thoughts without disclosing their name and email. Make sure that moderation is active on your site before saving changes. Otherwise, you will get tons of spam messages in each post.

Scroll down to the bottom to enable moderation.

Guest Comments

Put a tick mark on all boxes shown in the above screenshot. So no comment will appear in the website unless you approved them manually.

Enable Guest comments on Disqus

Disqus is a popular comment plugin for WordPress. It lets you connect through Disqus account and major social media sites including Facebook, Twitter and Google.

It is easy to allow users to make anonymous comments on Disqus. Initially, login to your Disqus account and go to the admin panel.

Choose your desired website.

Click Edit Settings from the right end or from the top of the page to manage.

Tap Community from the left sidebar.

Guest Comments

Check Allow guest to comment option. It lets users leave comments without a Disqus account and social sign in. Activate pre-moderation to prevent spam comments.

After that, readers will get the following screen in your blog posts and pages.

Guest Comments

They should choose I’d rather post as a guest option which displays at the bottom of the form. It requires just their name and email to comment. But remember that, guest commenters won’t get any email notifications regarding message approval, reply etc and won’t have any profiles showing their comment history in Disqus.