The 9 Ways to Use Pinterest to Divert Huge Traffic to Your Blog

The 9 Ways to Use Pinterest to Divert Huge Traffic to Your Blog

As a blogger, you may be aware of the importance of blog post images. They can attract visitors at first sight and can bring massive traffic through Google image searches and photo-sharing sites.

Being its simplicity and ease of use, Pinterest is the best place to share your blog images and divert traffic to the original source. This post will show how to use Pinterest effectively to get massive visits to your website or blog.

Start with a strong profile creation on Pinterest. Do you have such a Pinterest profile that can impress others without a second thought and encourage them to follow you?

9 Ways to Divert Massive Traffic from Pinterest

1. Profile and boards

The 9 Ways to Use Pinterest to Divert Huge Traffic to Your Blog 3

Create a genuine profile on Pinterest. Upload your photo, fill up the necessary details which should give a brief explanation of your whereabouts to the world.

Create different boards that match your tastes and interests. Install a browser extension to save content that you love to read on respective boards. Travelogues should be pinned to travel-related boards, recipes to the food-related boards, and so on. This strategy will help you in two ways,

Your profile will get a unique touch and visitors will feel that you have deep knowledge in those fields.

It will also help you to build a relationship with the author of the contents.

2. Verify your website

Claim your website ownership on Pinterest. It is essential to get the statistics of your blog post pins such as how many times they saved by others, the number of clicks, etc. The owner’s profile picture will also be added to all pins from a verified site.

Visit settings and choose the Claim website tab from the left side. Enter your website name if not added already. Click on the Claim Website button. Select the Add HTML tag option and copy the meta tag displayed.

Paste your tab inside <head> section of the index.html file of your website theme. If you are a Yoast SEO plugin user, you can avoid theme file editing and visit the plugin settings to insert the tag and verify the site.

The 9 Ways to Use Pinterest to Divert Huge Traffic to Your Blog

Choose SEO from the left pane of your WordPress dashboard and visit Social tools. Click on the Pinterest tab and paste your code in the confirmation box. Save changes.

Go back to Pinterest and click on Submit. Pinterest will scan for your meta tags and automatically verify the site within a few moments.

3. Create a board for your website

The 9 Ways to Use Pinterest to Divert Huge Traffic to Your Blog 4

Create a separate board to pin your blog posts. Organize them in different sections to let readers quickly find your content by categories. If you are running a technology blog, create sections like technology, social media, blogging, etc depends on the post types you have.

Feature your board on your profile to showcase it like a slider. The photo-sharing site allows you to feature up to 5 boards which will slide one after another.

The 9 Ways to Use Pinterest to Divert Huge Traffic to Your Blog

Open your Pinterest settings and visit the Profile tab from the left pane. Featured boards option is available under your biography and location. Click on Edit and choose boards that you want to feature from the new screen. If you want to set just your blog board as featured, choose it in the first slot and leave others as blank. Save.

4. Create a Pinterest widget

Inform your readers about the Pinterest blog board. Add a Pinterest sidebar widget or post widget on your blog. Showcase your official board there to expand the network and traffic. Learn The Best Pinterest Plugins for WordPress to create beautiful Pinterest widgets and promote your brand.

5. Create large pin images

Pinterest images

Pinterest likes large images. Create a custom image for your Pinterest shares. Expanded pin size is 735 pixels x 1105 pixels and you can create a pin of at least 600 pixels wide x adjusted to height. Such images will get more attention and shares.

Insert your post title and website logo in the images to let others know your topic from the Pin feeds. No one wants to click on a normal image without any reason. But a catchy title will encourage them to click and visit the connected web page.

6. Follow fellow bloggers

Find your fellow bloggers who are active on Pinterest. Open your account and enter search queries into the search box at the top. You can give keywords like ‘blogger’, ‘tech’, ‘food blogger’, ‘travel blogger’ etc to view relevant pins or people having those words in their bio. Change the ‘All Pins’ option to the ‘people’ to filter your results.

Follow them, repin their images, and interact. Some of them will follow you back and within a few days, you will see the changes. There will be an increase in the followers which will boost your monthly views or social media reachability too.

7. Pin regularly

Be consistent on Pinterest posts. Contribute regularly to your boards and schedule contents if needed. Posting in peak times lets you improve the statistics and traffic. Learn  How to Schedule Pinterest Pins to get maximum benefits from your Pinterest shares.

8. Group boards

Group boards are boards that share links across the topics with multiple contributors. There are many group boards that have thousands of followers.

Find a board in your niche, follow, repin, and respond to the images they share. The board owner will note you within a few days. Now you can show the willingness to collaborate on the group board. Once you added, you can pin relevant posts on the board. Most of the group boards allow you to pin a maximum of 2-3 posts per day. Follow their guidelines and be a loyal contributor to the boards you joined.

9. Join communities

pinterest pin

Join Facebook groups on blogging and social media sharing. Some groups will have daily threads for social media promotions. Members can leave the links of their articles, social posts in respective threads for mutual share. Share your pin URL in the Pinterest related thread and others will repin it to their boards. These kinds of repinning will help you to get more engagements and visits to the blog.

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