How to Pair a Samsung Gear Smartwatch with an iPhone

Samsung Gear iPhone


Both Apple iPhone and Samsung Gear are favorite devices for technology lovers. How do you feel if we use them together?

There is tough competition between both the companies to introduce latest features on their products. But now forget about the rivalry. We will tell you how to pair a Samsung Gear smartwatch with your new iPhone.

  • Turn on Bluetooth in iPhone.
  • Is your smartwatch already paired with any other device? If so, delete user history on Gear. Here’s the way- Open settings > Gear info > Reset Gear > Factory Reset.
  • If your smartwatch not yet connected with any device, forget about the second step. Just turn it on.
  • Gear will ask you to install Samsung Gear on the connected device.
  • Visit App Store from iPhone and search for Samsung Gear S. Install and open it.
  • Give necessary permissions to the app, to connect with Gear smartwatch.
  • Finally, click on Çonnect to Gear button. Wait a couple of seconds to display the watch name. Click on that.
  • Now both devices will ask your permission for pairing together. Go ahead.
  • Gear needs to access your private data on iPhone. It includes your location, calendar, and photos. Tap enable and finally Done.
  • That’s all.

Make sure these two things in order to work pairing effectively,

  • Gear app should be always opened on iPhone.
  • Bluetooth should be active in both the devices.