5 Tips to Write an Outreach Email That Doesn’t Suck

5 Tips to Write an Outreach Email That Doesn't Suck

Are you tired of sending cold emails? Do you want your influencers to quickly respond to your emails? Well, the second question should be your target since networking is very necessary for brand awareness, getting quality leads and for social proofing. Do you know 82% of B2B and B2C companies use email marketing strategy?

But all these are going fall like a house of cards if you don’t get any feedback on the emails you sent out. But how can you get your influencers to respond to your email quickly? Of course, you cannot force them to send you a reply!

Well, actually you can! You are sure to get some response from the influencer’s end if your email is compelling enough.

Many a time, a response you are likely to receive will depend a lot on the kind of email you send out!

Most online marketers and business owners send out outreach emails at some point of time in their career. These emails can actually take any form under the sun. You might be asking an influencer to review a free sample of your product in his/her sweet time. Or maybe you have just pitched a blog to your publisher with the hope to get the chance to guest post on a big platform.

But mostly, such emails are left alone in the spam box or inbox and are never reverted. This, of course, is a cause of worry for many, and if you are falling in the same lines, be rest assured that you are not the only one.

It’s true that it’s extremely difficult to get an email response from an influencer since they are so busy all the time.

In that light, here are some tricks you can use for sending emails that can get effective outreach.

But before moving in the tricks, it’s important to know about the four major obstacles which make the email dead at the receiver’s end.

4 Primary Obstacles To Getting A Response

Write an Outreach Email That Doesnt Suck

No matter how much effort you put forward, it’s sad that most outreach emails don’t bring back any action. This is because of these 4 primary obstacles:

1. Right Keywords

Firstly, it’s important to know who you are chasing. If from the very beginning you select a target who is unlikely to respond or react to your email, you are killing the chance of getting any response already.

2. Gatekeepers

It’s important to note that most influencers and publishers are busy and they receive hundreds of email per day. In that light, the influences don’t check the email themselves, their assistants do that for them. Thus your email needs to stand out from the others to make it past these gatekeepers.

3. Interest Ignition

Once you have caught their attention and they have opened the email, you will need to deliver the right goods and services to keep them hooked on to your email. Otherwise, nothing can stop your email from landing up in the junk file.

4. Motivation Action

Once you have cleared all these checkpoints, you must give your influencers a reason to react. Even if they have liked your email, it is of no use if they do not take any form of action.

How to overcome these obstacles?

Outreach Email That Doesnt Suck

Coming to the tricks which can be of help, maybe you can finally get your influencer or publisher to respond to your email:

Select Your Target Well

Before you send out those thoughts after emails, make sure the influencers you are targetings will respond to your email. But how do you know which targets are going to work for you?

The following questions might give you the right answers:

1. Which Audience Does The Influencer Cater To?

The influencer’s audience must be similar or aligned to your target audience. In that light, there is going to be scope for a mutually beneficial relationship. It’s important that you do your research before you try to contact your influencer.

2. Have They Already Shared Similar Type of Content You Want Them To Share?

Before sending out that email to your influencer, make sure you have monitored their social activity on a regular basis. Before you pitch in your content, make sure that the influencer has not already shared similar content.

3. Is The Influencer Too Big For Your Reach?

Be real in your expectation. If you are trying to get in touch with a grand celebrity influencer then, it might become an issue. Your chances of getting a reply can actually go down to zero.

Thus, it’s better to reach someone a little more approachable than these grand influencers first. Use small steps to move forward.

4. Spend Some Time Creating The Subject Line

The subject line plays a very important role since it determines whether or not your email will be opened. In that light, it is important that you pay some very strong attention to the subject line of the email.

After knowing this, you might try to create a very funny or creative subject line. But it’s advisable not to take that lane. It’s important to keep the subject line simple and straight-forward. Cut directly to the chase, just mention the main purpose of shooting the email in the first place. You can try something like “A blog you might be interested in”.

A better idea would be to use your work as a part of your subject line or something on these lines which is relevant.

In order to create a good subject line, you might have to read a bit about the kind of work your target influencer has worked upon. The influencers and his/her gatekeepers must be able to understand from your email subject line that you mean nothing bust business.

Needless to say that the subject line of your email is your free pass to get past the gatekeepers and in that light it must be used properly.

However, do not spend unnecessary time glossing up the important parts of the email. Keep it straight forward and to the point to get the maximum rate of response.

5. Become A Giver Not A Taker

Influencers detest people who come out as needy and desperate for publicity. So if you are drooling for more publicity you might end up getting nothing sadly.

But how will the influencers know that you are needy? Simple, through the email yo send. Within a few seconds of opening your email, your influencers will either sign you off as a “giver” or a “taker”. As it’s clear from the name, takers are people who want something from them and givers are people who have something to offer to them.

They naturally respond to the givers. No points for guessing the obvious! In order to come across as a giver, you have to show that you are genuinely invested in their brand. In order to do that, mention something about their recent post or say something about their past work which had helped you in a great way.

However, just saying “I like your work” will be no good here. Many people use this style and you are sure to not stand out. You must mention something specific. Maybe you can show them the results you have achieved by following their advice. They will love it.

6. Respect The Time They Have

I understand that you want to explain as much as possible to them over the email so as to cover all possible fronts, however, remember that your outreach email is not the place for you the have a chat on. In fact, it will create a better impact if you keep your email short and crisp.

In that light, do not use long sentences. Keep them short and crisp. Format the style of your email with the help of paragraphs, bullet points and make bold and italics segments. Such styles will help the influencer and his/her gatekeepers to see the important part of the content.

Use a silver platter in order to offer them some amount of value. For this, you need to be very specific with your requirements. Be very clear about exactly what you want from them so that they do not have to figure anything out for themselves.

7. The Correct Timing

Generally, avoid sending any outreach email on a Friday afternoon or during the weekends. The idea is to be cognizant of your target influencer’s schedule.

For instance, if they seem to be traveling wait for some time before you shoot your email. Stay away from sending an email when your influencer is already busy with something.

While most influencers will not reply to your email no matter how catchy they are, even if one comes and tells you that they are simply too busy at the moment, ask them when would be the right time to get back to them.

While all these points are going to get you a little close to achieving your goal, i.e getting an effective response from the influencers, it’s important that you put in a few impressive visuals in the email body. You can use any online tool to create visuals for your emails. You can also add GIFs to your email depending upon your email body.

Only words are going to make your email look dull and boring. Maybe you can use some interesting shot of your product you want your influencer to review!

So make it big and effective with these tricks the next time you send out an email.

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