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How to Optimize Your Database in WordPress with One Click

wordpress optimization

Why should you optimize the database in WordPress? What’s the use of it?

If you are not familiar with the process, I will tell you why.

Your website may contain lots of junk items like post revisions, spam comments, trashed items, expired transients, unused tags, pingbacks, trackbacks etc. Those items unnecessarily occupy space in your server and cause slow speed.

We should find and remove unwanted junk files at periodic intervals. It will help to reduce the database size and speed up the site.

Great. My next question is, how will you find so said useless data in the database?

We all know that it is manually difficult. Fortunately, we have a few dedicated plugins designed for the purpose.

1. WP-Optimize

optimize database

WP-Optimize is a brilliant solution to automatically clean your WordPress database and help it to run at maximum efficiency.

Install and activate the plugin. Configure the settings. The plugin will do the rest. It will scan and optimize your database on schedule. The top admin bar link lets you do the job any time with one click.

WP-Optimize will do the following:

  • Removed unwanted data including post revisions, trashed items, unapproved comments (after chosen time period), pingbacks, trackbacks and expired transients
  • Optimize and defrag tables to unlock more speed
  • Clean database on schedule
  • Report you which database table occupy more server space and allow you to shrink it
  • The plugin is developed and managed by UpdraftPlus team
  • It will automatically backup the site to UpdraftPlus before starting optimizations.
  • Manual intervention is not needed
  • Easy to configure

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2. Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions

optimize database

Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions is another handy plugin for the smooth functioning of a WordPress site. It automatically scans and optimizes your database at scheduled time or with a single click.

There are no complex settings for the plugin and can be used by even newbies. Install and activate the plugin from WordPress plugin library. Apply the settings. Then, forget about the junk or orphaned data in your site.

Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions will do the following:

  • Delete post revisions (after chosen number of days, eg. 10 days )
  • Deletes trashed items
  • Deletes spammed comments
  • Deletes pingbacks and trackbacks
  • Deletes unused tags, expired transients and orphaned metadata
  • Optimize database tables
  • Automatically run hourly, twice daily, daily, weekly or monthly – as per your choice
  • It lets you choose maximum number of revisions to keep per post or page
  • Compatible with multi sites. Optimize all sites in your network in single click
  • Exclude specific posts from deleting revisions (Custom fields)

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