Do You Have opinions ? Then State is the right platform

state social network

Say your opinions loudly. If it is awesome and mind catchy, people will respond you very quickly.

This is not any old quote I have cited. We can describe the new social network State in such a tagline.

Former Jawbone co-founder Alex Asseily, in partnesrship with brother Mark Asseily, launched State on last week claiming to unite people through their opinions on one thousand thousands of topics.

You can add just a single word or analyze a topic in detail ranging from Italian Pizza to China’s Mars mission project.

Have opinions ? Then State is the right platform for you

There are several categories available to choose from- Politics, Entertainment, Sports, Music, History, Fashion, Technology, Travel and Books.

Users can add their favorites to the home screen after signing up. Since then, you can watch thousands of subjects based on the selected categories there. It will automatically be updated each second. You can respond to them, can create fresh topics and ask others’ opinions.

If you are an internet or social media savvy, you can call Facebook, Twitter, Google as ‘useful’, or ‘informative’ or ‘bullshit’.

Have opinions ? Then State is the right platform for you

Some will be interested in politics and current affairs topics.They can state recent Ukraine riots as ‘worrisome’ and Russian president Vladimir Putin as ‘autocrat’ or ‘evil’. Everything is up to you.

State was launched by a company called Equal Media, set up by Asseily brothers in 2011.

“We’re empowering average people to share a view and feel like that view is counted,” Alexander Asseily, founder of State, said.

“The opinions out there in the world today represent a very thin slice. Most people are not motivated to express their opinion and the opinions out there, for the most part, are very chaotic and siloed. 98 percent of people never get heard,” he added.

Have opinions ? Then State is the right platform for you