Nexcess Hosting: Which WooCommerce Hosting Plan is Best for You?

Nexcess Hosting review

Looking for the best Nexcess WooCommerce hosting plan for your online shop? Well, you’ve landed in the right page. In this post, we’re going to analyze the benefits of WooCommerce hosting and key features of Nexcess hosting to help you take a decision.

Today, most of us prefer to buy things online. It saves your time and allows you to buy high quality products that are not available locally at affordable rates.

If you are running a local shop, establishing an online presence will help you to expand the business and boost profit. It is very easy to setup a profitable e-store with WooCommerce and WordPress. But at the same time, running a business alone can be tricky, especially online.

A fast and reliable WooCommerce hosting service is needed to assist you in each step and run business smoothly. So you can focus on other productive tasks like store expansion, marketing, etc.

Advantages of WooCommerce Hosting

Speed and security are of great importance for WooCommerce websites. If your site is fast and secured, you will get more page visits and orders.

These are the other benefits of WooCommerce hosting plans,

  • Pre-installed WooCommerce to help you to launch stores easily
  • Enhanced security to process payments and orders
  • High-speed servers and advanced caching to load pages faster than normal websites
  • Daily backups to avoid lossing your precious data
  • Ability to handle thousands of orders at once
  • 24/7 Priority customer support from WooCommerce experts

Choose a powerful WooCommerce host who can serve your pages fast in any situation and safeguard the business from various forms of cyberattacks. Does any name come to your mind?

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Why Nexcess Hosting?


Nexcess is a great web host for small to large-sized businesses. Launched in 1997, it is one of the oldest hosting companies who have a thorough knowledge about the industry that you can utilize to launch and manage a converting online store or a commercial website.

Key Features

  • Free SSL
  • Free Custom CDN
  • Daily backups
  • Free migration
  • Hacking protection
  • iThemes Security Pro
  • Free email accounts
  • Astra Pro
  • Kadence starter templates
  • Beaver Builder + over 60 page modules
  • Object Cache Pro
  • Qubely Pro
  • WooCommerce bundles
  • Reporting
  • 24/7 customer support
  • 30-days money-back guarantee

Hosting Types

Managed WooCommerce, WordPress, & Magento


$17.50 – $912.50 per month


Nexcess Hosting Datacenter Locations

US, UK, Netherlands, & Australia

This Liquid Web brand is a one-stop solution that you can approach for anything related to starting an online business. It offers different types of hosting plans like managed WordPress, managed WooCommerce, managed Magento, and flexible cloud.

Choose a hosting type as per your requirements or speak with the hosting experts at Nexcess for clarifications if needed. You can also buy other products like email hosting and add-ons from the same place to power up the security and performance of the site.

WooCommerce Hosting Plans

WooCommerce hosting plans

Nexcess offers fastest, secured, and scalable WooCommerce hosting solutions to all kind of businesses. The top-notch servers combined with the cloud platform can ensure a stable and accelerated performance on your portal in any device.

Integrating with many premium tools and services, Nexcess helps you to build unique product stores without hiring a developer and collect maximum orders to earn unlimited income from them. Their WooCommerce hosting plans come with several advantages such as thousands of e-commerce themes, store management tools, product catalogs, and more.


There are 7 types of hosting plans on Managed WooCommerce hosting: Starter, Starter +, Creator, Standard, Growth, and Enterprise.

1 StoreUp to 2 StoresUp to 3 StoresUp to 5 StoresUp to 10 StoresUp to 20 StoresUp to 30 Stores
30 GB Storage45 GB Storage60 GB Storage100 GB Storage300 GB Storage500 GB Storage800 GB Storage
3 TB Bandwidth4 TB Bandwidth5 TB Bandwidth5 TB Bandwidth5 TB Bandwidth10 TB Bandwidth10 TB Bandwidth
Astra ProAstra ProAstra ProAstra ProAstra ProAstra ProAstra Pro
Kadence starter templatesKadence starter templatesKadence starter templatesKadence starter templatesKadence starter templatesKadence starter templatesKadence starter templates
Image compression & lazy loadingImage compression & lazy loadingImage compression & lazy loadingImage compression & lazy loadingImage compression & lazy loadingImage compression & lazy loadingImage compression & lazy loading
iThemes Security ProiThemes Security ProiThemes Security ProiThemes Security ProiThemes Security ProiThemes Security ProiThemes Security Pro
Custom CDNCustom CDNCustom CDNCustom CDNCustom CDNCustom CDNCustom CDN
Qubely ProQubely ProQubely ProQubely ProQubely ProQubely ProQubely Pro
Free emailFree emailFree emailFree emailFree emailFree emailFree email
Cloud acceleratorCloud acceleratorCloud acceleratorCloud acceleratorCloud acceleratorCloud acceleratorCloud accelerator
Performance MonitorPerformance MonitorPerformance MonitorPerformance MonitorPerformance MonitorPerformance MonitorPerformance Monitor
iThemes Sync ProiThemes Sync ProiThemes Sync ProiThemes Sync ProiThemes Sync ProiThemes Sync Pro
 WooCommerce bundlesWooCommerce bundlesWooCommerce bundlesWooCommerce bundlesWooCommerce bundlesWooCommerce bundles
 Feature Rich Product ListingsFeature Rich Product ListingsFeature Rich Product ListingsFeature Rich Product ListingsFeature Rich Product ListingsFeature Rich Product Listings
 Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder Pro (60+ modules)Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder Pro (60+ modules)Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder Pro (60+ modules)Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder Pro (60+ modules)Ultimate Add-ons for Beaver Builder Pro (60+ modules)
    Glew ReportingGlew Reporting
     Elastic Search

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Nexcess Hosting Review: Advantages of Nexcess WooCommerce Hosting Plans

These are the key features of Nexcess WooCommerce hosting plans,

1. High performance

Nexcess can deliver your e-commerce portals up to 10 times faster than other hosts using cloud technology and optimized servers. Their advanced built-in caching engine can reduce your page loading time and boost conversions significantly. As we all know, more conversions result in growing your business and increasing the profit.

This managed WooCommerce host is known for scalable, reliable, and secured hosting solutions for enterprises. If you are facing a sudden traffic spike or heavy load, it can handle the situation without affecting the total performance. They host your digital stores in a managed hosting environment. Since they take care of everything including security, optimization, and others, you can focus on selling products and expanding the market.

2. Enhanced security

Advanced security is another reason for choosing Nexcess WooCommerce hosting over others. It will monitor your website 24/7 to detect modern forms of cyberattacks, malware injections, and other threats that may harm your business.

All your pages comes with automated SSL, product schema, custom metadata, and clean URLs. It helps you to boost search engine rankings and traffic. As your host using most modern technologies and infrastructure, hackers cannot touch your websites so quickly.

You may have heard about iThemes Security Pro, a premium security plugin for WordPress that allows you to secure the website from user-end. It is provided for free in all WooCommerce hosting plans. From malware scan to brute force protection, iThemes Security Pro can do several things on your site to protect it from cybercriminals.

For WooCommerce stores, even a small security breach can lead to loss of customer trust and business collapse. But with Nexcess hosting there is no need for such worries. Through real-time security monitoring, hacking protection, website scanning, and an enterprise-grade firewall, it protects your websites from all kinds of attacks.

They also run daily backups on all hosting plans and store your data for the next 30 days. It is very beneficial to protect your content and product pages against accidental deletion or unexpected loss. You just need to visit your hosting dashboard to restore data in 1-click.

3. Value added bundles

Nexcess provide many premium tools to WooCommerce hosting users which help them to utilize all opportunities and save a huge amount. All customers will get Astra Pro, one of the highly customizable WordPress theme, to design your site as you like.

Beaver page builder is a popular page builder plugin to create professional-quality websites and pages. You will also get over 60 Beaver Builder page modules to design and launch custom product pages in a few clicks.

Not only these, Nexcess provides its customers with many tools needed to run a WooCommerce store, from optimization to shipping address validation to reporting. You don’t have to pay any extra money for it. Your hosting plan covers them all.

4. Pricing

Nexcess is a budget-friendly WooCommerce hosting service. Their pricing starts at just $17.50 for the first 4 months, then $21 per month. On this plan, you can create 1 store with 30 GB storage and other essential store management features. We can’t say that it is expensive.

Nexcess experts have developed a custom, high-performance CDN to reduce your page loading time. It is included in all hosting plans. Considering these factors and service quality, we can see that Nexcess is an excellent yet affordable host for WooCommerce merchants.

5. Priority customer support

You will also get many exciting WooCommerce tools and third-party products along with the subscription. Cloud accelerator, sales performance monitor, language translation, built-in image compression, and more. They provide premium WooCommerce themes such as Astra Pro, Kadence starter templates, Beaver page builder, and Qubely Pro to give you ultimate freedom in building your online store.

They have a 24/7/365 WooCommerce expert support to answer your queries and fix complaints as early as possible. You can reach out to them via phone, live chat, and email.

They also have a 30-days money-back guarantee. Create a Nexcess hosting account and create your online store. Contact their friendly customer support for assistance and solve issues. If you are not satisfied with your hosting experience, raise a refund request within the first 30 days, and they will return your full amount.

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Which is the right WooCommerce hosting plan for you?

Are you going to launch the first store or planning to expand the existing business?

In the Starter plan, you can launch only one store with 30 GB storage. It may be enough if you are a beginner. If you want to upgrade the plan at a later moment, it can be done easily through the hosting dashboard. So expanding the business in future will not be a problem for you.

For existing small scale businesses, Creator is the best plan to pick. It lets you create up to 3 stores with 60 GB storage and 5 TB monthly bandwidth. It also allows you to create converting stores easily with Beaver Builder and advanced WooCommerce bundles. As a result, you can create more stunning and responsive websites than in the base plan.

For medium or large scale businesses, it’s better to choose a higher hosting plan as per your requirements. The Growth plan is ideal to launch up to 20 stores and the Enterprise plan for up to 30 stores. They are packed with more storage and reporting tools.

Which is your choice?

Click here to visit Nexcess and choose a WooCommerce hosting plan for your shopping website (30-days money-back guarantee)

Best Hosting for Online Stores

  • Performance
  • Cost-friendly
  • Security
  • Customer support


Nexcess is the best place to build and host your WooCommerce stores. Officially recommended by WooCommerce, their optimized servers and robust hosting technologies help you to run SEO-friendly websites that can generate maximum sales. Being integrated with global CDN and advanced WooCommerce tools, your products will get maximum visibility. They also provide several premium tools to design custom store pages and showcase products in order to attract more visitors.

They have a 24/7 WooCommerce expert support via phone, live chat, and email. Nexcess has a 30-days money-back guarantee in all hosting plans.


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