9 Best New Year Resolutions for Small Businesses in 2024

Best New Year Resolutions for Small Businesses

The New Year is not only a step towards another calendar year but also a time of solid resolutions. At this time, some people decide to quit smoking, re-unite broken relationships, and so on.

Whether you are a professional, student, or business owner, you can take the perfect New Year’s resolutions to boost productivity and improve quality of life standards. It could be about setting up a new office, joining a new course, hiring a marketing manager, or something else.

Today, we compiled a list of 9 best new year resolutions to bring your business to new heights in 2024.

Let us start.

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9 Best New Year Resolutions for Businesses 2024

1. Build a website

If you have not yet started a website, this is the right time. Create a professional-quality website to showcase your business and products. Attract visitors regardless of location to collect more orders and expand the market.

It can be built on WordPress or using HTML. You may find several Content Management Systems (CMS) to design and build stunning websites. WordPress is the best among them. It is easy to use and user-friendly, so anyone can handle it with a basic computer knowledge. Read about more web publishing platforms in this post.

Creating a website is a combination of multiple selections, including,

  • Choosing a good hosting company
  • Installing a fast and light-weight theme

A good web host is essential to launch a successful online business. It can serve pages faster and secure them against possible cyberattacks. There are several hosting companies available across various categories. Pick a hosting plan based on your budget and requirements.

Best hosting providers to consider:

  • WPX Hosting (premium WordPress hosting): Starts at $20.83/mo
  • A2 Hosting (cheap web hosting): Starts at $2.99/mo

WPX Hosting is a great hosting service to create and manage lightning fast websites. Their hosting plans come with free SSLs, daily backups, free custom CDN, malware protection, and many other benefits.

A2 Hosting is a cheap and reliable host for businesses and blogs. It offers free SSLs, free CDN, LiteSpeed caching, Turbo speed technology, and more to host websites in a competitive environment. If you are looking for more affordable hosting solutions, don’t forget to read this post.

Next, install a fast and customizable theme on your website. It should be mobile-friendly and gives you full control over the design.

Best WordPress themes to consider:

Astra is a multipurpose theme for WordPress. It is fast and best for all types of websites including online shops, portfolios, and blogs. Read our honest Astra theme experience in this post.

GeneratePress is light-weight and considered as world’s fastest WordPress theme. It is also multipurpose and highly flexible. Learn more about GeneratePress features and pricing in our in-depth review.

2. Start a blog

A blog is a powerful medium to reach more customers and promote products. Starting a blog should be another resolution you make this New Year.

Do keyword research and publish niche articles to guide readers about your industry. Create listicles and how-to guides to attract more visitors and persuade them to test your products. Unlike promotional content, informative and in-depth posts can help you gain more backlinks and thus increase your website’s search visibility.

If possible, set up a unique affiliate program for your business and recruit agents to increase your sales. Prepare a competitive commission structure and add creative banners, or offer discount coupons for top performing affiliates, so they can bring more referrals to your platform.

3. Focus on lead generation

Email marketing is considered as one of the most effective methods to drive regular traffic to your site. Collect leads and send email newsletters to subscribers to keep them update with your latest offers, blog posts, etc.

Lead generation is a tricky process. Display your data collection forms at the right place and time to get visitor’s attention and maximize conversions. Insert them into your high performance posts or use them in the form of popup windows or widgets as you like. For that, you need an intelligent lead generation plugin to track user activities and display forms based on their scrolls and interests.

Best lead generation plugins to consider:

ConvertPro is a famous WordPress plugin to collect leads and expand your email newsletter audience. It is designed by the same team behind Astra theme. Being packed with several professionally designed templates and advanced user tracking abilities, it will be a great asset for growing businesses to increase traffic and revenue.

OptinMonster is another lead generation plugin for WordPress websites. It comes with many exciting features and tools to boost your email marketing efforts. There are several ways to display subscription forms with the plugin- popups, floating bars, and scroll-boxes with geographical targeting and page level targeting abilities.

4. Analyze and optimize traffic

Monitor your visitors and find how they reached your pages, what search terms they used, and how long they spend on your pages. Google Analytics is the best tool to analyze these things and much more. But it may not be possible for you to visit Analytics and fetch all information you need.

MonsterInsights is our favorite plugin to insert Google Analytics and monitor traffic in real-time. It enables you to track individual posts, categories, external links, and so on without inserting even a single piece of code.

Discover your most selling products, top conversion sources, and top traffic locations to customize your marketing strategies and boost sales. It also provides performance stats about your entire website through the Site Speed tool. Optimize pages and add caching to reduce your content loading time.

5. Expand social media network

Social networking sites play in promoting products and content. Create beautiful social media graphics and share them on your business pages at optimal times to maximize user clicks. Interact with your audience to collect their valuable thoughts and make them your subscribers, then customers.

Social media management is not a simple task and you can’t do it individually. Hire a marketing expert or use an automation tool to schedule and monitor social media campaigns if needed.

Best social media marketing tools to consider:

  • SocialPilot: Starts at $25.50/mo (14-days free trial)
  • SocialBee: Starts at $19/mo (14-days free trial)

SocialPilot is a popular marketing tool to schedule and publish social media content. It ships with bulk scheduling, Facebook ad accounts, analytics, team management and many other features to manage your business promotions.

SocialBee is a cheap social media management tool. It lets you schedule, organize, and monitor social media posts through an intuitive dashboard. Create workspaces to manage content for each website or client, save them in the unique categories, and recycle them indefinite times to generate regular traffic to your pages.

6. Do competitor analysis

Keep an eye on your competitors to discover their traffic generation strategies, steal backlinks, and uncover new opportunities. Learn what keywords and pages bring most traffic to them, and at what positions they rank on Google search.

Prepare a more detailed content on the same subject and build backlinks from similar websites to outrank competitors. There are many tools on the market today that can help you analyze the ads they have been doing for the past few years, understand the keywords used in them, and evaluate their performance.

Best competitor analysis tools to consider:

I use them frequently to find profitable keywords, analyze backlinks, and spy on competitor’s traffic. Both of them provide accurate information needed to grow your business. Even though Semrush is my favorite. To know more about this industry leading SEO tool and to evaluate its features, read this post.

7. Create ads

Create ads to spread awareness about your products and services. There are several places like Google, Bing, and social media sites where you can publish ads to attract new clients. They help you to reach audience around the world in quick moments and generate guaranteed results.

Optimize ads with related keywords and target audience by geographical location, age group, gender, etc. Hire an advertisement expert or use a marketing tool like Semrush to design converting ads that can generate more user clicks. Monitor their performance to make changes if any and improve your click-through rates.

8. Run giveaways and contests

Running giveaways is a widely-using method to build email lists and increase your social media followers. Ask visitors to share your content and follow you on social sites to win attractive prizes. It could be a software license, an e-book, or something similar.

Promote contests through your social media pages and email newsletters to reach more audience. Black Friday is one of the best seasons to run giveaways. But you can run it any time as a part of anniversary celebrations, new year special deals, etc.

Best tool to create giveaways:

  • RafflePress: Starts at $49/yr (14-days money-back guarantee)

RafflePress is an incredible giveaway plugin for WordPress. It offers stunning, responsive templates to create giveaways in a few moments. You can also build a viral giveaway from scratch using the Drag and drop builder and customization settings. Integrated with all leading marketing tools and social sites, it provides unlimited options to maximize your social media following and boost shares.

9. Talk to customers

Speak with your customers to understand their requirements and what they expect from you. Send them emails or ask them to leave suggestions through feedback forms. You can also create surveys and polls to get ideas about next product developments and the most demanding features.

Live chat is another way to talk to your website visitors. It lets you collect user queries and contact information to send updates about their requests. Chatting bots also help you to divert visitors to relevant product pages and customer support executives for further assistance.

Best tools in this category:

WPForms is one of the best contact form plugins for WordPress. It is easy to use and mobile responsive. The plugin is perfect to create surveys, polls, and many other forms to collect suggestions from your visitors. Read our WPForms review to learn more about its pros and cons, pricing, and other key characteristics.

HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing software for marketing, customer service, and sales. It delivers innovating solutions to automate marketing flows, generate leads, get SEO recommendations and much more. Their live chat software is free to use and best in the category to connect with the audience in real time. It is an intelligent tool that can automatically route visitors to the right team and offer them better support.

That’s it.

Do you have any queries or suggestions regarding top new year business resolutions? Let us know through comments.

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