How to Automatically Share New WordPress Posts to Facebook

New WordPress Posts Facebook

Facebook is the best place to promote your contents. Once a new post is published or updated, it should be shared on the social site to get maximum readers. But it may not be practical always.

An automation tool will reduce your burden to some extent. It will automatically share your post on Facebook as soon as you published it on the site. In this post, we’ll tell you 4 different methods to post WordPress contents to Facebook.


IFTTT is a popular, reliable web service to connect your websites and social media pages. It is free and allows you to manage tasks through easy to use applets.

If you are a new user, create an account with IFTTT first. After signup, you are can create applets to configure the operation. Click on the drop-down arrow that appears top right corner of the screen (next to your username) and select ‘New Applet’ from the menu.

New WordPress Posts Facebook

Tap the blue color ‘+’ button to choose your service. A new screen will open. Enter ‘WordPress’ in the search box and select it from the bottom.

Now you have to connect the blog to IFTTT. Fill the fields like blog address, username, password and hit Connect. IFTTT will verify your credentials and establish the connection. Once it’s connected, you can choose a trigger.

New WordPress Posts Facebook

Click on a trigger of your choice. The first trigger will post all new posts to Facebook but the second one is a tag or keyword specific. So it’s better to choose the first option (if you want to share all your future posts).

Once again, you will be diverted to If This Then That page. Click on the second ‘+’button to choose your action service. Enter ‘Facebook’ in the search box and choose from Facebook (to post on your profile) or Facebook pages ( to post on your business pages) option. I selected Facebook here.

Now IFTTT will ask your permission to access the account. Follow the steps and connect both the services. If you selected Facebook pages as the action service in the last step, then you have to choose the relevant pages at this moment for posting through IFTTT.

New WordPress Posts Facebook

It will display a list of actions for Facebook. Click on the second option – Create a link post. A new page will appear where you can add ingredients and customize the Facebook post. Hit Create action button to move to the last step.

IFTTT will show a short summary of the applet. Click on the Finish. That’s it.

2. Zapier

Zapier is a web service similar to IFTTT which can be used to reduce your workload and smoothen the workflow. It is integrated with hundreds of apps at present and their connections are referred as zaps.

Open the website and signup for an account. Once the registration is completed, search for the apps needed- WordPress, Facebook or Facebook pages.

New WordPress Posts Facebook

Enter your credentials to connect the relevant accounts. If you want to make Facebook page posting, don’t forget to select the page name.

There are two kinds of zaps are available for WordPress to Facebook posting.

  1. Share WordPress Posts to Your Facebook Profile Automatically
  2. Automatically Post New WordPress Posts to Facebook Page

Fill necessary fields and create the zap to automatically share your contents on the social site. But make sure you have at least one recent new post created while creating the zap. Otherwise, it can not test the tool and verify everything is working fine or not. Similarly, the connected WordPress account should have the privileges of Editor or higher roles. Read about WordPress user roles, only an editor or higher role can access and manage posts made by others. Your blog may have multiple authors and without editor capabilities, Zapier cannot access or share posts on social sites.


New WordPress Posts Facebook is another web service for automated social media posting. It will fetch your contents from RSS feed and post them on social channels. It supports Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, and Tumblr. Create an account, enter your RSS feed and choose your social media profiles or pages to post. That’s all.

Their free plan is limited to 3 social accounts and 10 posts per day. The premium plan starts at $8.29/month.

4. WordPress Plugins

There are several plugins available to automatically share your new WordPress posts to Facebook. We will cover a detailed post on them soon.

Social Networks Auto-Poster is one of such plugins. It will automatically share your new contents on leading social networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, StumbleUpon, Flipboard, Pinterest and many others.

New WordPress Posts Facebook

Install and activate the plugin first on your blog. Connect your Facebook and other accounts to enable automated sharing on them. You need to create apps for each network and connects them to your blog for doing the job. The setup will take a few minutes and the detailed instructions are available on the plugin page.

Once you finished, visit plugin settings and choose your social media profile, page or groups where you want to share the post.

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