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Media Temple hosting

The internet has become the major platform to showcase your products and promote your business. Companies and brands can not effectively reach a large number of customers without establishing their online presence. If you are a newbie and unaware of the possibilities the internet can deliver, it is important to keep up with the latest technology trends that can bring huge outcomes to your efforts.

Starting a website is the best option to open the door of opportunities for you. It doesn’t have any geographical limitations and customers can reach you from anywhere in the world. A web presence will kick-start your online business and allow you to deliver quality products and services to the customers, which will boost your traffic and sales.

Forget about the struggles relating to canvassing people in door-to-door marketing and introducing your products in person. Create your own website, do digital marketing, and optimize pages to increase page visits and expand your audience. Utilize the power of the web to target people at large and uncover new opportunities that can generate more profit to you.

Are you unclear about how to start and where to start?

In this post, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about launching a website.

Domain name registration

Media Temple hosting

Register a domain name for your website first. A domain name represents your business online. It should be simple, short, and memorable. Learn 8 best domain name suggestion tools to find the domain name you want.

Once you have picked a domain name, the next step is registration. You can buy a domain name from the registrar by paying a nominal fee to them. There are several domain name registration companies on the web, but I suggest you go with Media Temple.

Media Temple is a one-stop shop for all your web development needs — you can buy domains, design and host websites, buy SSL certificates and more. As they provide everything you need to launch a website, you need not approach another company for another service.

Media Temple is an enterprise-grade web hosting provider since 1998. They focus on delivering competitive hosting solutions at affordable rates to the customers. The main advantage of Media Temple is that their platform perfectly fits any type of content, like websites, apps, and blogs.

Choose your hosting type based on the budget and requirements -whether it’s affordable shared web hosting or more scalable managed hosting, VPS hosting or a private cloud hosting – Media Temple is the best place to host your website.

Visit Media Temple and search for your desired domain name or enter keywords to find a domain name you want.

Media Temple will tell you whether the searched domain is available or not. If it’s available, you can immediately register the domain in your name.

Web hosting

Media Temple hosting

Web hosting is the most important step in establishing your online business. It is important to choose a reliable hosting company who can offer a guaranteed uptime of 99.99% to make sure your site keeps running and growing.

A good host will serve your pages faster to the visitors irrespective of the device and browser types they use. It will have advanced optimization tools to improve your website performance and traffic.

Website security is another section where we can analyze the value of a hosting provider. Your host should be able to detect the security threats in a timely manner and offer solutions to prevent security a security breach. Making a poor hosting choice can result in losing your rankings and may even uproot your entire content from the web.

Media Temple is one of the fastest and most reliable hosting providers who serve various types of customers for the last two decades. This period is more than enough for them to become experts in web hosting. They have a world-class team to design and manage the best hosting solutions for you, and deliver superior support to your websites or apps.

Media Temple is the perfect partner for your business who can understand your needs and assist you better in achieving your goals. Their hosting and security environments are highly competitive and will make sure that your site is always up and free from any cyber attacks or vulnerabilities. With the right hosting solution, it does not matter how much traffic you receive and Media Temple is able to handle millions of visitors at the same time without affecting your page speed and performance.

Media Temple can scan your files and database continuously for malware, SQL code injections, theme and plugin vulnerabilities, and other security issues. If anything concerning is found, their security experts will guide and help you throughout the process until your website is restored to the normal stage. Security scans, malware removals, firewall, and CDN are available in a separate security pack to extend the level of your website protection.

As mentioned previously, Media Temple is suitable for any type of customer. Whether it’s a business website or blog- you can trust Media Temple to host your content securely and aid you in building your own web identity. They offer many different types of hosting, including shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting, VPS hosting, managed VPS hosting, dedicated servers and cloud hosting.

Shared hosting is suitable for beginners as it’s the most affordable among all hosting types. Their smallest plan allows you to host up to 100 websites in Media Temple’s shared hosting environment with 1TB monthly bandwidth, 20GB SSD storage, 1000 email addresses, and 24/7/365 customer support. It costs $20 per month (monthly payment) or $200 per year (yearly payment).

Managed WordPress hosting is another option to host your website in a faster and flexible environment. It comes with unlimited monthly bandwidth, automatic updates, 2 WordPress installs, and an all in one control panel. The plan costs $20/mo or $200/year.

Media Temple’s customer support is available at your fingertips through chat, Twitter, phone or support requests and you can contact them any time to ask questions and address complaints. They have a friendly support team who will give prompt resolution to your issues and keep your websites running smoothly.


wordpress security plugins

Safeguard your business and websites against the security attacks that may arise from unknown parts of the world. By purchasing premium security add-ons from Media Temple, you can detect and block security threats at the right moment. You can also consider buying an SSL certificate to strengthen your website security and encourage users to spend their time without being afraid of losing their confidential data.

In short, Media Temple is the best one stop to buy everything you need to create a website. They deploy the most modern technologies to set up your platform and use creative tools to optimize it for ultimate performance. Make use of them to increase your sales and move your business forward.

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