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How to Add and Manage Users in WordPress

users wordpress

Is WordPress just installed on your site?

A WordPress site comes with an Administrator account by default. It is the most powerful role in a single site who is able to manage themes, plugins, posts, pages and everything else.

No firm will complete with a manager post alone. We may need co-workers, clients and customers for the smooth functioning of a business. In the same way, you are able to add users in WordPress and their capabilities differ based on the user roles assigned.

If you are new to WordPress, let us check how to create and manage users on the site.

How to add a new user

Sign in to your WordPress site using Administrative privileges and open Users menu from the left sidebar and click on Add New.

Enter the username for the desired user which can’t change later. Type his email address. Check the second last option, Send User Notification, to inform the person about account creation and credentials.

What is his role in the website?

There are five different user roles in WordPress.

Administrator: He has full control over a single site. The user with administrative abilities can add and remove users, write contents, install and remove themes, install and remove plugins, upload files and even delete the site.

Editor: The user with editorial power can publish and manage all posts including that of others.

Author:  This user can publish and manage own posts only.

Contributor: This user can write and manage own posts but cannot publish them.

Subscriber:  This user is able to manage own profile and read site contents.

The following table will give you more knowledge about the user capabilities.

Install themesY
Update themesY
Edit themesY
Change themesY
Delete themesY
Install pluginsY
Upload pluginsY
Update pluginsY
Edit pluginsY
Delete pluginsY
Create usersY
Edit usersY
Promote usersY
List usersY
Delete usersY
Edit filesY
Update coreY
Edit dashboardY
Delete siteY
Moderate commentsYY
Manage categoriesYY
Edit others postsYY
Edit pagesYY
Edit others pagesYY
Edit published pagesYY
Publish pagesYY
Delete published pagesYY
Delete pagesYY
Delete others postsYY
Edit private postsYY
Read private postsYY
Delete private postsYY
Edit private pagesYY
Read private pagesYY
Delete private pagesYY
Edit published postsYYY
Publish postsYYY
Delete published postsYYY
Upload filesYYY
Write postsYY YY
Edit postsYYYY
Delete postsYYYY

There will be one more user role in multisite installations, known as Super Admin. This user enjoys all capabilities of a single site administrator and that of network sites.

This includes:

  • Create sites
  • Delete sites
  • Manage network
  • Manage sites
  • Manage network users, plugins, themes and options.

How to change the role of a user

Anytime, you can change the role of a user in WordPress. Open Users menu from the left sidebar and click on All users.

users wordpress

Select the user and tap Change role to dropdown box from the top to show all user roles. Choose a role and hit Change button. Done.

How to delete a user

To delete a user, mouse hovers the username to show delete option. Otherwise, select the user and tap Bulk Actions dropdown box. Choose delete and Apply.

Then, WordPress will ask you on how to deal with that user’s contents. You can either delete them or assign to the existing users. Select your option and click on Confirm deletion button to remove the user.

users wordpress

How to reset password of a user

Are you trying to reset a user password? Open the user profile for whom you want to reset the password, from Users > All Users.

Scroll down to bottom, until you locate Generate Password button. Click to change the password. A new password will be shown in the same place, note down and inform the user about the change. Don’t forget to tap Update User button at the bottom before leaving the page.