13 Ways to Make Money from Your Blog with the Amazon Affiliate Program

Make Money from Your Blog with the Amazon Affiliate Program Pin

Blogging is one of the best freelancing professions to make income which has no limits. There are several proven methods and income streams that you can make use of to monetize the blog and make a decent livelihood by working from the comfort of your home.

Affiliate marketing is the best income source for bloggers. It is simple, easy to follow and lets you earn with each sale made through your links. As I said earlier, there is no barrier for your profit which you will get in the form of commissions. Amazon affiliate is popular among such tools. This post will tell you how to make money from your blog with an Amazon affiliate program.

Why Amazon Affiliate Program?

Amazon is reliable and one of the biggest marketing places on the web to buy and sell anything. They sell books, electronics, fashion, entertainment, household, and various other products in different parts of the world. Most of us prefer Amazon to buy things like mobiles, laptops, etc. Isn’t it?

They sell products with attractive discounts, offers, and cash backs. So why can’t we divert prospective buyers to Amazon through our website?

Join the Amazon affiliate program first. It will take just a few minutes to finish the process. As an Amazon affiliate, you can make money from the blog and get recurring income with each referral. But kindly remember that your product link should come with a proper affiliate disclosure like ““As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.”. Otherwise, the sale generated through the link will become void and you won’t get any commission. Read the Amazon affiliate agreement carefully to know more.

Are you ready to start? Do you want to know the different ways to make money with the Amazon affiliate program?

1. Write a product review

Do you purchase any product from Amazon recently? How’s it? Write a detailed review by covering your overall experience with the product. The post should be unique and genuine.

Share your own thoughts and do not inform any wrong facts about the product in order to encourage the readers to make shopping. A real review can boost your readership, faith, and affiliate income.

Once you finished the post, visit your affiliate account to generate a customized link for the product. Search for the product and choose from the showing results. Go to the Text Only tab and copy your short link to leave it in your blog post. The sale generated through the link will be counted in your account and you will get commissions based on the product categories.

2. Create a list post

to-do list WordPress Pin

People love to read list posts. Do you know ‘top 10′, ”10 best’ like posts will get more clicks than other posts? Create a list post of your favorite products and leave your affiliate link for each of them. Who knows how many of your readers is going to buy items from the list?

3. Create a comparison table

Compare similar products like smartphones, laptops, etc in a table and let readers to quickly analyze the product features. When buying gadgets, I usually prepare a list of my favorite devices and compare them to identify the better. Such posts will help you to increase page views and grow sales.

4. Inform readers about trending deals

Amazon frequently runs shopping fests to sell products with huge discounts and offers. They will send notifications to the affiliates in advance about the upcoming fests and deals. Create a post of your favorite picks and recommend people to shop during the period. They can save money and you will get the commission from the Amazon affiliate program.

5. Publish a bestseller list

Amazon features most selling items on a separate page, Amazon bestsellers. It showcases products across the categories and the details will be updated once in a month. Publish a post on best selling products in your niche and mention why they became popular or worth to buy.

6. Banners and widgets

Banner is another useful option to divert visitors to your Amazon affiliate program and make money. Amazon offers various kinds of promotional materials to insert into your website. Banners, native shopping ads, mobile popovers, featured promotions are some of them.

It also allows you to create widgets for the products you choose. Customize their look and feel to match your theme design. Add your banners or widgets in the website header, sidebar, inside the posts to get maximum attention of the readers.

7. Amazon plugins

WordPress website owners can install plugins like Amazon link or Amazon auto links to quickly insert their affiliate links in posts and pages. The links can be simple text links, flash widgets, images and they will be delivered with locale support. It means users will get unique links based on their geographical location or Amazon domains. All product links will contain your Amazon affiliate ID that allows you to collect the commission on each purchase.

8. Link to Amazon products page

Are you going to mention a gadget or an interesting book in a blog post? Suppose, I am preparing a post on popular computer games and wrote about a recent launch in laptops. I can link to the product page in Amazon and lead visitors to shop.

Find the item that you want to link in Amazon,

Amazon Affiliate ProgramPin

An option is available at the top to generate your affiliate links. Choose Text and copy your short URL. Open your blog post and assign a hyperlink to your text.

Amazon Affiliate ProgramPin


9. Pinterest images

Pinterest is the best place to market your products. Create a beautiful product image and divert visitors to your review posts. Don’t insert your affiliate links anywhere in the social media posts as it’s against the affiliate rules of most of the companies.

Use Pinterest to bring traffic to your posts. From there, you can educate visitors about the product features and encourage them to buy. Pin images to your personal as well as group pinboards and ask fellow pinteresters to repin the image to get more visits. Thus the photo-sharing site will help you to make money from the Amazon affiliate program.

10. Social media marketing

Promote your review posts via social media marketing tools to get maximum exposure and engagement. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn can help you to earn more visits.

There are several Facebook groups and communities where you can find threads to leave your blog posts and social media post links for resharing. Other members will share your links on their social profiles and you should do the same to them.

11. Email marketing

Build a strong list of your subscribers to market the content by email. Several studies say that email marketing is the most working method to promote items and get regular traffic. Send a notification email to your fans as soon as a post is published. Communicate to them about your post on trending deals and how can they save money in shopping.

12. Search engine optimization Voice Search Pin

Optimize your blog posts for search engines to boost organic traffic to them. The content should be easy to read,  keyword-rich, and contain sufficient images to attract visits. Kindly ensure that your focus keyword has at least 1.5% or above density to rank higher on search engines.

Add post name, focus keyword to your image titles and alt texts to optimize and get image search visits. Clearly mention the product name in different parts of the post, set it as your focus keyword, and find whether it has name variations if any through Google search. Cover those names in the content area to inform search engines about the topic you deal. These strategies will help you to get traffic and earn from the Amazon affiliate program.

13. Create a video

Create a video review of your product. YouTube reviews will reach the audience faster than normal text posts and upload them to both your YouTube channel and blog simultaneously. Don’t forget to optimize the videos with keywords, tags, and meta descriptions to get noticed by the search engines.

Are you using the Amazon affiliate program to make money making blogging? What kind of strategies you implement to earn sales?

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