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These are the 15 Most Popular Celebrities on Facebook

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No one can ignore the importance of social media in the modern world. We use it for building relationships, creating awareness about social causes, running campaigns and marketing products. Being the leading social network, Facebook is the key player in all these things.

What about celebrities?

They have a huge fan base on the social network and effectively utilize their strength for promoting events, movies, music, and others. When talking about fans, they don’t need to read entertainment magazines or newspapers to get the latest news on their favorite celebrities. They just follow the relevant Facebook pages for real-time updates, photos, and videos.

Fan strength is a major factor to dominate the social media. Those figures inform you who is most popular and influential among people in the same sector and industry.

These are the 15 celebrities with most number of page likes on Facebook.

15. Jackie Chan – 63,569,568 fans

14. Beyonce – 63,640,736 fans

13. Adele – 65,740,830 fans

12. Katy Perry – 69,886,676 fans

11. Bob Marley – 73,626,650 fans

10. Taylor Swift – 74,269,230 fans

9. Michael Jackson – 74,857,343 fans

8. Will Smith – 75,337,604 fans

7. Justin Bieber – 78,817,991 fans

6. Rihanna – 81,592,086 fans

5. Leo Messi – 89,282,316 fans

4. Eminem – 90,278,655 fans

3. Vin Diesel – 101,515,400 fans

2. Shakira – 104,530,882 fans

1. Cristiano Ronaldo – 122,449,605 fans

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