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Top 15 Most Liked & Followed Brands on Facebook

most liked facebook pages

Social media plays a major role in promoting brands and businesses. Companies can showcase their products, inform offers and share latest updates with millions of users in a single click. Unlike digital and print media advertisements, social media marketing doesn’t require any contribution to promote your business. But you need an own, experienced team for doing the job. Isn’t it?

If you are keen to know about social media marketing tools, consider reading these posts.

A strong, active fan base is the main reason behind the success of a social media page. It gives us minimum guarantee or ensures us the minimum level of engagements according to the posting time and other related factors. Everyone including persons and brands wants to expand their social reach, post engagements to gain maximum benefits from them.

Now we can check top 15 most liked, followed brands on Facebook.

15. Sony Mobile – 24,139,333 fans

14. Subway – 25,397,814 fans

13. Samsung Mobile USA – 25,667,207 fans

12. Monster Energy – 25,972,335 fans

11. Amazon – 27,789,004 fans

10. Nike – 28,866,845 fans

9. iTunes – 30,788,855 fans

8. Adidas Originals – 30,960,301 fans

7. Walmart – 33,366,105 fans

6. Starbucks – 37,048,753 fans

5. Oreo – 42,900,705 fans

4. Samsung Mobile – 43,170,760 fans

3. Nike Football – 44,485,088 fans

2. Microsoft Lumia – 45,624,064 fans

1. Red Bull – 48,141,400 fans