Instagram Inspired Web Design Trends to Keep the Traffic Flowing

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Today most consumers are searching and shopping services or products online. As such, websites and social media platforms such as Instagram have become an integral part of boosting business and forging a way ahead of the competition. But as we know, there are numerous websites on the Internet. So in order to drive customers and grab their attention, you must have an impressive web design that is unique, easy to navigate, and memorable.

Small businesses and startups particularly depend on their websites and popular social media platforms for enhancing their reach and establishing a niche for themselves in their own industry. With an increase in the number of people using smartphones, today businesses need website desperately for reaching their target audience and potential customers.

But to speak the truth, just by simply launching a website it is not enough. You must have a user-friendly site so that visitors and potential customers do not bounce off within a split second. Your website must be designed by drawing inspiration from Instagram, the most popular social media platform. Instagram with over 1 billion monthly active users, is the best place to look for web design ideas and get quality UX inspiration. Instagram is a hot favorite platform for the hottest brands, artists, developers, fashion designers, and even photographers who are regarded as endless sources of design inspiration and their accounts fetch numerous followers for Instagram.

In order to boost your business, your website design must be Instagram inspired so that traffic generated through Instagram could find your website truly impressive and intuitive offering good User Experience or UX. Here are some web design trends, 2018 inspired by Instagram.

Responsive Design Is the Way to Go

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The traffic that is generated through Instagram or any other popular social media platform must find the website intuitive and responsive enough to make the final purchase. As such all e-commerce sites and other business websites are focusing on creating a responsive website design and this has been the trend for the past few years and it is certainly here to stay. These businesses are desiring to make a greater impact and create a robust online presence across cell phones and computer devices. Responsive web design is all the more important as more and more people have started using tablets, cell phones, and many other portable devices for carrying on online search and do the shopping successfully. Today, more and more websites are coming up with responsive website design so that the site is responsive to the relatively smaller screens of all the popular mobile devices. Many web design gurus regard this as the latest web design norm and not just a web design trend.

Large Background Pictures

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The trend of choosing large background pictures on your websites has been gaining traction over the last few years or so. Large background photos would be creating a great impression and a powerful impact on the visitors. Oversized pictures could instantly grab the attention of even the traffic coming from Instagram and it would make things easier for them to make the ultimate buying decision.

There is generally some text that is incorporated into the pictures. Therefore, a larger picture would be helping to draw the visitor’s attention to the core message of your business. Moreover, videos that are being played on top of the web page seems to be another trend. Website designers seem to be already using really larger pictures in generating blog designs for grabbing consumer attention.

Conclusion: Compelling Storytelling Helps to Win the Race

Web designers are inspired by the success of Instagram Stories that have proved that there is a tendency for people to listen to fascinating stories. So currently, web designers are incorporating certain important elements of storytelling into their web design. They are cleverly using colors, fonts, and even micro interactive page features as effective narrative tools for expressing a brand message. Designers are utilizing these tools in a creative way for spelling out effectively what your business is all about.

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