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How to Increase the Conversion Rate of Your Online Store in 30 Days

Increase the Conversion Rate of online store

For online stores and e-commerce businesses, the goal is pretty much obvious and it is to gain as many conversions as possible. But how do you achieve more conversion rates? Well, there are many conversion rate optimization tactics that can be used. Here are some of the tactics that can be used to increase conversions in 30 days:

Week 1: Optimize Images and Product Descriptions

Optimizing Images

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This is a simple rule of thumb that the customer wants to see images of the product they are going to buy from your online store. So, why not provide them with an optimized image? High-quality images with high dimensions are favorable. Also, do not forget to put several images of your product from various angles. This helps in offering a better idea of a product to make that purchase irresistible for the customers. Another trending strategy is to allow users to zoom and scale the image to their choice.

Optimizing Product Descriptions

Description matter a lot when it comes to increasing sales conversion. Few things to consider while writing a product description:

  • Never copy the description of the product from that of the manufacturer. This degrades your store’s SEO
  • Put in some time to provide all the information required by the customer to make that purchase. More the information, more are the chances of customers making a purchase in a single hit
  • Provide a short summary of product for window shoppers as well along with a detailed description
  • A well-formatted and scripted description is best for increasing conversion

Week 2: Use Product Videos and Reviews

Using Videos

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Apart from image, the video is the best tool to provide your customers with the visual treat of the product. This helps them in making a firm decision to purchase pushing your conversion rate further. And this does not have to charge you for a professional video shoot. One can always rely on existing customers to provide a testimonial video of the tried products.

Using Reviews

Another sure shot way to boost faith and trust among customers towards your online store is placing reviews section in the product page. Positive reviews from existing customers are more likely to attract potential customers. For example, a popular Kids Fashion Store, ‘Hopscotch’ uses a separate page named ‘Moments’ on their online store to showcase the product images with their customers. This ultimately boosts the chances of sales.

Week 3: Lose Shipping Costs and Shopping Cart Abandonment

Losing Shipping Costs

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More than half of the e-commerce merchants offer free shipping of products. While few offer it all the times, others have put certain conditions on it. Amazon offers free shipping when the order value exceeds a certain amount. Another popular online store, Nordstrom offers free shipping for every single purchase. So you see how these stores are lowering their shipping charges in order to gain maximum conversion? Also, the high shipping charge is the number one reason for shopping cart abandonment.

Losing Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment is bound to happen and every store must have experienced this. Just the reasons are different:

  • High shipping charges
  • Comparison (Customers find similar product over another store with less price)
  • Low speed of site affecting user experience

While all these are bound to happen, one can make an effort to reduce the abandonment through email triggers. Some of the popular email triggers use phrases like ‘Your Cart Misses You’ or ‘We Miss You’. Brands use those words to show that they care for their customers in an effort to prevent customers from leaving their cart without making a purchase.

Week 4: Optimize CTA Buttons and Contact Information

Optimizing CTA buttons

Increase the Conversion Rate of online store

A visibly strong and attractive call to action button goes a long way in increasing your conversions. So, this does not involve changing the font style and color of your CTA but improving the overall visibility of it. Customers may find it annoying if they don’t find the CTA easily on the page and leave without giving a second thought. Use brightly colored, big CTA button that is also prominent on the page. Never rely on text-based links for your call to action buttons as it creates difficulties for your customers to spot such links.

Optimize Contact Information

Adding contact information in your site may seem like a small step but it has a strong impact on conversions. This is especially true if you are a small business and does not have a big brand name. You need to assure your customers that they are buying from a reliable store and that the store can be contacted at any time for their concerns. This builds a sense of trust for your store among the audience. Make sure the contact details are provided in the header of your site.


The more accurate and focused you are with your online store; the number of conversions you receive. In the past, several stores have increased their results just by taking simple steps mentioned above.

Author Bio.: The article is written by Dharmik Babariya. Writing is his hobby and he loves to write on latest technology update, digital marketing, and SEO. He is working as an SEO analyst and Content writer at India based app development company – Tecocraft.

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