Imagify Review: How To Optimize Images in WordPress To Load Faster


Do you compress images before uploading them to your websites?

If not, you will face slow speed issues on pages.

Unoptimized images may take several seconds to load irrespective of the fastest hosting technology or CDN you deploy. They will also make visitors leave your pages in quick moments without making any purchase or leaving comments. As we know, it will affect your business and profit.

So it is very essential to optimize images. Thus you can reduce their size and load them faster.

Thankfully, WP Rocket, the #1 WordPress caching plugin, has developed a unique image optimization solution for websites and digital stores. It will automatically optimize images without losing quality to create a lightning-fast website that everyone wants to get.

What is Imagify?


Imagify is a great image optimization plugin for WordPress. It supports all popular image formats like JPG, PNG, PDF, Gif, etc.

There is no need to compress images manually. Imagify can do it automatically on upload or in bulk. Just install it in WordPress and connect it to your account. Imagify will do the rest. It will compress images via any of the compression levels of your choice- Normal, Aggressive, or Ultra- to reduce their size maximum and rescale them to smoothen delivery.

Being highly customizable, you can set a height and width for images, and convert PNG images to JPG – automatically. With Imagify, you do not need to use any other software like Adobe Photoshop to edit and resize images.

It can also create and display a WebP version of your website images and serve them through a CDN if needed. WebP images are more search engine friendly than other image types so it is the best choice to get some love from Google and boost your page rankings.


Imagify can be used on unlimited websites. They have monthly and yearly subscription plans.

Monthly: From Lite to Enterprise, 5 payment plans are available. Starting at just $4.99/mo, you can manage around 10,000 images (1 GB of data) across all websites.

Yearly: The basic plan costs $49.9/yr for 1 GB of data per month.

How to use Imagify?

Follow these steps to install, activate, and start using Imagify on your website.

1. Sign in to your website and head to Plugins> Add new, search for Imagify.

Imagify PluginPin

Install and activate the plugin.

2. Visit your Imagify account. Click the drop-down arrow that appears on the top-right corner of the screen. Choose API integration from the menu. It will display your API token in the new screen. Copy it.

Go back to WordPress and open Imagify settings. Paste your API token to connect to your account. Once it successfully connected, you will see a confirmation message on the screen.

Imagify will automatically apply recommended settings to your site. However, you can change it anytime by going to Settings > Imagify. Click on Save & Go to the bulk optimizer button to optimize all your images in one-click.

3. Imagify will magically optimize and resize images on upload. It can also optimize images page-wise. For that, head to your Imagify account and visit Optimizer from the top.

Imagify optimizerPin

Switch to Page optimization and enter a URL to optimize all images on the page. It can handle images stored in your internal library as well as those stored in any other domain for a CDN delivery.

Bonus: WP Rocket

WP RocketPin

WP Rocket is the #1 caching plugin for WordPress. It is an all-rounder solution to reduce page loading time and increase your website performance. Enable caching, optimize database on schedule, minify and optimize files, defer JavaScript, and do many other things-from one place.

WP Rocket can host your Google Analytics scripts locally to improve browser caching and remove relevant warnings from page speed test tools like GTMetrix. In the same way, it can handle Facebook Pixel scripts also.

On BloggingTriggers, we’re using WP Rocket for more than three years and recently, extended its functionality to our other websites also.

It can connect your site to a CDN to deliver your images and files faster. WebP caching is another feature of WP Rocket. It will help you to serve WebP images, created by Imagify, at a lightning speed to compatible browsers and devices. Don’t forget to use WP Rocket and Imagify together so your page performance will reach the next level.

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