How to Create an Image Gallery in WordPress without Using Any Plugin

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image gallery wordpress

Do you have some awesome vacation photos? Want to know how to showcase them on your WordPress site?

A photograph records an unforgettable moment in our life. It may be your family photo, travel image or something else. They will be precious on grounds of one or another reason. So we should treat them in a good manner as they deserved.

Creating an Image Gallery in WordPress

A gallery is the best option to exhibit images on a site. It allows you to display photo stories in an attractive layout and with animation effects.

WordPress has an inbuilt option of creating galleries. Photo galleries can be inserted anywhere in the posts and pages. If you want to show it in between the texts, just click on the desired place and tap

If you want to show it in between the texts, just click on the desired place and tap Add Media button from the top.

image gallery wordpress

It will bring you to the media upload page.

image gallery wordpress

Click Create Gallery option from the left menu bar.

In two ways you can insert images to a gallery.

  • Upload files from your computer
  • Choose from the existing images in the WordPress media library

I went for the second option as my images are already uploaded to the server.

image gallery wordpress

Choose your images first. You can customize their title, caption, Alt Text and description from the right sidebar. After that, tap Create a new gallery button from the bottom.

You will see gallery settings on the next screen. Here you are able to manage link type, column numbers and size of the images. Click Insert gallery button to finish.

Now your image gallery will appear inside the WordPress editor like the following.

image gallery wordpress

To edit it again, do the following:

  • Click anywhere in the gallery to select
  • A small box will be shown with edit and remove options
  • Tap small pencil icon to edit

Hit Preview button from the right side of the post editor. View the content in advance and make changes if needed. Click Publish and see the image gallery in action.

The default gallery has limited functionalities. It delivers smaller images in the front end and you have to click each of them to view in detail. After viewing, you should click the back button to go back to the previous screen and open the next image. The process is less user-friendly and makes it difficult for the viewers to go through the images. So I advise you to use NextGen Gallery or Envira for the better experience.

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