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Top 25 Best IFTTT Recipes for WordPress Bloggers

IFTTT recipes WordPress

IFTTT is a famous web-based service to automate various things in our daily life. We discussed about the tool a couple of times earlier. If you are new to this blog, make sure to read the following contents that guide you more on IFTTT.

IFTTT provides several applets for WordPress bloggers which trigger automatically when you publish a post on the connected site. Their scope span almost all steps of blogging process including save, backup and share the posts.

Sign into IFTTT and connect with your WordPress blog when prompted. Enter your URL, username, password and tap Connect button. While enabling applets, it will ask you to connect related accounts and grant permissions for start using. Follow the onscreen guidance and begin the process.

We pick up 20 best IFTTT applets for WordPress bloggers. They do fantastic job in automating and bring your blogging career to new heights.

1. WordPress to Buffer – If any new post is published on your blog, automatically add it to your Buffer queue. From there, you can share it across chosen accounts at the best time to get maximum results.

2. WordPress to a Facebook Page – Share your new WordPress posts automatically to a Facebook page. Choose your page and the content will be shared there as soon as you published a post.

3. WordPress to Twitter – Inform your Twitter followers about latest blog posts. It will automatically send a tweet from your account with the post title and URL.

4. WordPress to Tumblr – Share your new blogs on Tumblr as text posts.

5. WordPress to LinkedIn – LinkedIn can divert huge traffic to your contents. This applet will update your profile with latest posts in WordPress site.

6. WordPress to Google+ – Share your blog post with Google+ profile or a separate circle of friends, co-workers etc

7. WordPress to Weebly – If any post with a specific category or tag is published, share the same on Weebly blog.

8. WordPress to Evernote – Read and organize all your WordPress posts from one place. This applet will send the content of your new posts with URL to Evernote.

9. WordPress to SMS – If any post is published on your blog with a specific category, receive an SMS notification on mobile.

10. WordPress to Facebook – Keep update your friends and followers on Facebook. This applet will share your new blog posts on the social site profile as link status.

11. WordPress to Blogger – Repost your blog posts on Blogger blog

12. Create a photo post – This applet will publish a photo post on WordPress immediately

13. WordPress to Google Drive – Automatically backup your new posts to Google Drive

14. WordPress to spreadsheet – Log new blog posts to a spreadsheet with the post title, date and category

15. WordPress to Flickr – Share images from your latest blog posts on Flickr

16. WordPress to Box – Save new blog posts on Box cloud service

17. WordPress to Diigo – Automatically share blog posts on Diigo

18. WordPress to Medium – Repost new blogs on Medium

19. Instagram to WordPress – When you post a photo on Instagram with a specific hashtag, publish the same on WordPress blog.

20. WordPress to Dropbox – Save your new post on Dropbox as text file

21. WordPress to OneNote – Send your new blog posts to OneNote account

22. WordPress to Bitly – This applet will create a public bitmark on Bitly, as soon as you published a blog post.

23. WordPress to Facebook Album – If any new post on your blog, then upload a photo from URL to specific album on Facebook.

24. WordPress to Twitter with an image – Tweet your new blog posts with an image on the URL

25. Create a photo post with location tag – This applet will create a photo post on WordPress with a map of your current location.