How to Take Screenshots in Chrome and Edge Browsers

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We need to take screenshots of web pages on various occasions. Windows 10 users can record their computer screen by pressing Windows+PrtScr keys together. But such a general screenshot may not be helpful for our articles or educational, presentation purposes.

If you want more control over the screenshots, should go with browser extensions. We will discuss here the procedure to take screenshots in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge browsers.

Google Chrome

As popular browser among all classes of people, Google Chrome equips with top quality extensions for the purpose.

Usually, we can record what we saw on the screen. So how will you take the screenshot of an entire web page, like below?


Go to Chrome web storeand search for “Awesome screenshot”. 

Awesome screenshot

Install and activate it.

Go to the desired webpage of which you want the screenshot, and click on the Awesome extension button on the tool bar.


You will get several options, including ‘Capture visible part of page’, ‘Capture selected area’, ‘Capture entire page’ and ‘Capture Desktop’. Delayed Capture is another interesting feature which gives you 3 seconds time before recording the screen.

Choose entire page option or press Ctrl+Shift+E keys together. Now it will start recording entire webpage and after finishing, you can either download it to the local disk or upload to cloud projects.

Use other screenshot options according to your requirements.

Lightshotis another simple tool to take screenshot of the viewable portion in Chrome browser. I am using it regularly as it’s enough for my needs. 

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the default browser on Windows 10. Follow these steps to take easy, super fast screenshots on Edge.

Go to and tap Take Screenshot button. Follow the instructions to launch free screen capture application. 


Open web page to take screen shot. Then, tap the icon you seen near the Edge on task bar. It will ask you to press either PrtScr button on the keyboard or Camera icon on the app window.

Now you will get a couple of options to record the screen. Adjust the size and do necessary modifications like highlight some parts of texts, add texts etc if required.

screenshots will work with all browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera etc. So you need not install separate browser tools if this simple tool is with you to take screenshots.

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