How to Search Gmail Emails by Date and Time

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Gmail is our favorite email service for both personal and official communications. It allows you to contact other parties from browsers, desktop, and mobile apps and thereby stay connected with the updates.

Gmail tools and add-ons are another reason why we stick to Google’s email service. They help us to improve work productivity and expand the scope of connecting each other. No other email provider can claim such a huge library of tools. Right?

We receive several emails in Gmail inbox every day. The figures may differ based on your communication level and usage.

Can you locate a Gmail email that you received a couple of months or years back?

Yes, you can.

Today we’ll tell you how to search Gmail emails by date, time, and age.

Sign in to your Gmail account first and enter your search operator in the top box.

Search Gmail emails by date

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Search your Gmail emails by date. Enter your desired date in the search box followed by the ‘before:’ or ‘after:’ operator.

before: YYYY/MM/DD – To get emails before a particular date.

after: YYYY/MM/DD – To get emails after a particular date.

You can replace before with older and after with newer as well.

Search Gmail emails within a time period

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Use both before and after operators together to recover emails within a time period.

Before: 2019/03/25 after: 2018/12/30 will display emails you received from December 30, 2018, to March 25th, 2019.

Search Gmail emails within a time period and subject

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Find emails within a time period having a particular subject.

Before: 2019/03/25 after: 2018/12/30 warranty will display emails you received from December 30st, 2018 to March 25th, 2019 that contains ‘warranty’ in the subject line.

Some other examples,

before: YYYY/MM/DD after: YYYY/MM/DD from: amy – Return emails from a certain sender.

before: YYYY/MM/DD after: YYYY/MM/DD category:updates – Return emails from a certain category.

Search Gmail emails by age

Gmail also allows you to search for emails by their age. Enter ‘older_than: 4d’ query in the search box to return your emails older than 4 days. In the same way, you can search for emails older than 2 months (‘older_than: 2m’) or 2 years (‘older_than: 2y’).

older_than: 2m – Mails older than 2 months.

newer_than: 1y – Mails newer than 1 year.

Some other examples,

older_than: 1m has:attachment-Mails older than 1 month along with attachments.

newer_than: 1y filename: resume.pdf – Mails newer than 1 year with a certain attachment.

Search Gmail emails by time

Digital Inspiration explained this method to us in quite an interesting way. Here you have to convert the desired date and time to Epoch time first.

Epoch time is the number of seconds that have elapsed since January 1, 1970 (UTC).

For instance, I want to get the list of emails received before 20th January 2017 12 am. After converting to Epoch, it will be 1484850600.

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Similarly, you can search emails between two times like the following or by subject, label, etc.

before: 1484850600 after: 1484022600 – List emails in between 10 am 10th January 2017 to 12 am 20th January 2017.

before: 1484850600 statement – List emails before 12 am, 20th January 2017 with word statement anywhere on the subject or content.

Search Gmail Emails by name

Want to find Gmail emails that you received from a certain person?

Enter your sender’s name in the search box and Gmail will show email addresses in your contact book, and messages containing the same name either in the From or To fields.

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Click the drop-down menu from the right corner of your Search box to get advanced search options.

Search Gmail Emails by namePin

Type the email address of the person to search. Fill up other fields that you know. Click the drop-down menu on the Search box and choose ‘Mail & Spam & Trash’ from the list.

Hit the Search button.

That’s it.

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