How to Reach More Audiences Through Social Media Content

How to Reach More Audiences Through Social Media ContentPin

Presence on social media is everything, and if you or your business don’t have an account on at least one of the many social media networks, you are losing a lot.

Why is the presence on social media significant?

SproutSocial conducted in-depth research on US customers and business executives to determine how they use social media. Here is what they managed to conclude:

  1. 55% of customers learn about new brands or companies on social media – This is more common for Millenials and Gen-Z, but Gen X and Boomers also have this habit.
  2. 68% of interviewed people agree that social media channels allow them to better interact with brands and enterprises – This includes following companies on social media, liking and commenting on their posts. Many people also agree social media channels are a terrific way to have a dialogue with the company and report issues, leave a comment or ask a question.
  3. 43% of people use social media to find information about new products. This trend is also expected to increase in the next three years, mainly because everything is moving to social networks.
  4. 78% of customers are likely to buy from a company if they had a positive experience with them on social media. This experience can be high-quality, relevant content, responsive, and excellent customer service. If the company has all of these, the customers are more likely to purchase from them, share them on social media and recommend them to family and friends.
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Most social platforms indeed want their users to pay to advertise, but there are still many ways you can grow organically.

So how to increase your engagement and reach?

Whether you are starting your social media journey or looking for new ways to improve results, here are some ways to reach more people.

Create a content strategy

Having a clear plan of what you want to achieve and how to reach that will help you accomplish your goals faster. Content strategy will help you have every tiny detail of your plan in one place and prevent you from getting lost along the way. Also, the quality of the content strategy will determine your success on the Internet.

Include a photo in every post

This is especially important for your Facebook and LinkedIn profiles. It is proven that posts with pictures engage more because they are easier to notice, and they catch the audience’s attention faster. That is why your photo needs to be funny and original. And you can also include some witty text on it to give a short introduction to the rest of the post and the topic. Also, statistics say that people react to the human face in images. This signalizes that there are real people with personalities standing behind your brand. Getting personal via images can help you build a much-needed connection with your audience.

Be consistent

No success comes overnight, and the same is with social media content. To increase your reach and grow your social media following, you should post consistently. There is no right recipe for the number of posts you should post during the week. Make sure you find out what number of posts work the best for your audience, and try to stick with that. If that is two posts per week – great – but be consistent and post two posts per week.

Post at the right time

How to Reach More Audiences Through Social Media Content 02Pin

A huge part of success on social media lies in posting at the right time. This means that you should post at the time when your target audience uses social media and when they are online. But how to know that? Every social media platform has its analytics dashboard, and they track users’ activity. On the dashboard, you can check the best days and times to post. Also, you can use some social media marketing tools like Hootsuite or Buffer, for example.

Learn the best practices for each platform

Not every social media platform is the same, and to have success, you need to understand how algorithms on every social network work. Of course, general knowledge about creating a caption or performing hashtag research is valuable, but you need to dig deeper. You have to optimize posts for each platform separately. This will help your posts perform better. Additionally, you want to think about the audience you are trying to target. If you are B2B, you will have more success on LinkedIn than on Instagram or Snapchat.

Give your audience a reason to follow your brand.

The content you create, and post should give value to your audience. This means your followers should leave your blog with new knowledge or be entertained or inspired. When you offer value to your audience, they are more likely to share your posts, like them, or comment. And this will impact your reach. All social media platforms and Google value high-quality content users would love to engage with.

To create content that will engage your audience, you should:

  • Choose your niche and create content that is relevant to them
  • Know your audience – Their pinpoints, needs, wishes, problems, etc.
  • Follow the rule 80 – 20. This means that 80% of your content should be educational, and only 20% should be promotional to increase sales.
  • Be consistent

Engage with your audience

If someone from your followers leaves a comment on your post, make sure you reply. Not only will this encourage others to comment, but it will also create a good reputation for your brand. Also, always leave questions at the end of your posts. This will motivate your audience to comment and leave their opinion. Your reach will increase because algorithms recognize compelling and valuable content and push it to other users.

Optimize your content

When you optimize your content, the algorithm is likely to recognize it and give it higher exposure. The same situation is for Google and social media algorithms. You should optimize every part of your profile or website if you want more visibility and higher reach:

  • The name of your business on social media should be simple and easy to remember
  • Include the keyword in the bio of your profile
  • Include the profile photo that is eye-catching, on-brand, and easy to remember
  • Include a trackable link that will lead to your website

For website optimization, make sure you follow all SEO rules. Here are some of them:

  • Ensure the best user experience
  • Optimize your website for mobile
  • In the blogposts, use keywords at all relevant places – in your heading, meta description, link, subheadings, and alt text.
  • Write for your audience, not for the Google algorithm
  • Write naturally and avoid sounding like a robot
  • Use rich content like images and videos to present your content even better.

Collaborate with influencers and other brands

Influencers and other brands have their audience, and if you decide to work with them, you can increase your reach and gain more followers quickly. The most important thing here is to work with influencers and brands relevant to your niche. Why? Because that means their followers are interested in their content and could be interested in your product or service too! So if you see someone interesting, make sure to reach out and propose a collaboration. It will pay off.

Try new things

Sometimes, digital marketing is all about trial and error. Do not be scared to try new things and risks. This is the only way to learn something new and see what works for your brand and audience. Also, many trends show each day, and to be successful – you have to attract new people.

Secure your web place

Not many business owners understand the importance of the security of their websites. However, this topic shouldn’t be neglected because it affects customer trust. You can secure your website if you install the SSL plugin – the system that secures the communication on your website. This plugin ensures the safe transaction of data and prevents your site from being hacked.

Also, it can affect your ranking on Google. If you have the SSL plugin installed for your website, the Google algorithm will recognize your site as safe and reliable and rank it higher. Also, this will affect the trust of the visitors to your site. If they see a green lock left to the website URL, they will know your webpage is safe and will return and make a purchase.

Which plugin is the best for SSL?

There are many SSL plugins on the market, but if we should recommend only one – that would be WP Force SSL.

wp force sslPin


Here are some main features that make it different and better from other SSL plugins on the market:

  • To ensure the best user experience, WP Force SSL comes with more than 14 SSL tests and many other features.
  • The plugin can check the validity of your SSL certificate. You can easily find out if your SSL certificate is valid, installed, and updated correctly.
  • Users can easily redirect HTTP traffic to safe HTTPS, and resolve the issues with SSL without changing any code.  
  • The plugin automatically checks your pages to see if there are any mixed-content errors. This means that WP Force SSL can see if there is HTTP content on your HTTPS page.
  • WP Force SSL plugin is easy to use and install

If you want to learn more about the plugin and its benefits, check the WP Force SSL webpage.

To wrap up

Presence on social media is crucial, and every business should implement social media strategy and be present on the Internet.

Here are some ways that can help you increase your social media presence:

  • Create a good social media strategy
  • Be consistent
  • Create valuable content and include photos in every post
  • Post at the right time and engager with your audience
  • Optimize your posts
  • Try new trends and collaborate with influencers
  • Install the SSL plugin and secure your web place.

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