How to Edit Footer in WordPress (Step by Step)

How to Edit Footer in WordPress (Step by Step)

Are you looking for the ways to edit WordPress footer? A footer is an important part of any website located at the very bottom where you can display brand logo, recent posts and much more.

There may be several reasons that prompt you to edit the footer. Probably, you may want to remove the default copyright text from the newly installed WordPress theme. Or you are keen to customize the section by changing colors, adding more options, etc.

Let us check different methods to edit footer in WordPress websites,

6 ways to Edit Footer in WordPress

Here’re they,

1. Edit footer widgets in WordPress

Many WordPress themes allow you to insert widgets in the footer area. They are useful to display ads, add text and images, create navigation menus, etc.

Sign in to WordPress and visit Appearance > Widgets to add and customize your footer widgets.

Footer widgets WordPress

Locate Footer widget area. Some WordPress themes like Astra have multiple options to insert widgets on the footer. For Astra, you can add widgets through the Footer bar section and widget area.

Click a widget from the left side or drag it to the footer area to add. Customize settings according to your requirements. Visit your website in a new tab to view how your widget appears in the front-end.

2. Edit footer.php

If you have coding skills, you can edit the footer through theme files. But it is risky. A simple mistake is enough to break your entire website. So you should be vigilant while editing the theme.

It is better to do these things in a staging site. After successfully updating the new footer, simply push changes to the main site to save. Creating a child theme is necessary to apply changes forever. Otherwise, you will lose customization settings with the next theme update. Read this step-by-step guide to get detailed instructions regarding a child theme creation.

Footer edit wordpress

Open your theme editor first. Make sure that the correct theme is selected from the top-right corner of your screen. Click on drop-down box to view all installed themes. Tap on Select to load theme files.

Find footer.php from the right pane. Open it. Then, footer codes will load on the main screen. Customize them.

Finally, click on update to save changes.

3. Edit footer to remove copyright text

This is the most common reason to edit footer in WordPress. Almost every theme, especially freeware will include a copyright text link on the footer to find new customers. But unfortunately, it affects your business identity and online reputation.

Developers add theme copyright texts in two ways,

  1.  Footer.php
  2. Theme customizer settings

Open Footer.php and search for keywords like ‘copyright’ or other similar words as they appear on your footer. If you can locate the exact copyright text there, remove the entire section without leaving any traces. Don’t know what to remove? Contact a WordPress developer or post in WordPress support groups for an expert guidance.

Premium WordPress themes often add copyright text via the customizer. Head to Appearance > Customizer and open footer settings.

Remove copyright text wordpress

Locate and edit or remove your copyright text.

Go through other footer options to change its color, typography, style, etc. Modern WordPress themes such as Astra and GeneratePress have built-in footer builder that gives you more control over the design.

4. Edit footer menu

Do you want to display post categories and page links in the footer area? For that, you should create a footer menu.

Visit Appearance> Menus to create and customize navigation menus.

footer menu wordpress

Click ‘Create a new menu’ option if you don’t have a footer menu already. To customize an existing menu, choose it from the drop-down box and tap the select button.

On the left side, WordPress will show various menu items that you can add to the navigation. Expand each section to view items in them. Drag an item to the main screen to add. Drag them again to the top or bottom to change their order.

On the bottom, you will see available menu locations as per your current theme. Check Footer menu box and save.

There are two ways to insert the footer menu on your site. Via theme settings (Appearance> customizer) or footer widgets (Appearance> widgets). It depends on your website theme. Explore both options to find which works for you.

5. Customize the footer with CSS codes

This is the easiest method to edit footer in WordPress. Open theme settings and go to the custom CSS section.

Custom CSS

Unlike HTML codes, mistakes in CSS coding won’t damage your site. They can be easily reverted as well.

Start testing your coding skills. Monitor changes in realtime through the live customizer on the right side. Don’t forget to publish changes when you finished.

6. Customize the footer with plugins

Are you not familiar with coding? Don’t worry. You have alternative solutions. A plenty of WordPress plugins available to insert footer codes and beautify your entire website (not only footer).

1. Insert Headers and Footers

Headers and footers

Insert Headers and Footers is a light-weight code insertion plugin for WordPress. Developed by WPBeginner, it lets you insert Google Analytics, custom CSS, and verification scripts in header/footer of your site.

2. CSS Hero

CSS Hero

CSS Hero is the #1 CSS customizer plugin for WordPress. It is handy, and no coding skill is required to use this plugin.

Choose a page element from the main screen to edit. It covers header and footer, text and image, login page, and other parts of your site. Change their color, background, font styles, and much more through the plugin dashboard on the left side.

CSS Hero is highly responsive and allows you to apply custom settings for various device types. It is packed with several readymade snippets apply popular style combinations in one-click and thereby save your time.

They offer premium customer support and 30-days money back guarantee in all subscription plans.

Click here to visit CSS Hero and choose a subscription plan with up to 70% discount (Limited period offer)

3. Yellow Pencil

Yellow Pencil

Yellow Pencil is another powerful plugin to beautify your WordPress website. It helps you to change colors, backgrounds, font styles and many other things without editing even a single piece of code.

It is responsive and allows you to apply settings by device and page types. Yellow Pencil is cheap in pricing and best in quality. It is compatible with all popular WordPress themes and plugins.

Click here to visit Envato Market and buy Yellow Pencil with 6-months premium customer support

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