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How to Convert Any Video File to MP4

video converter

MP4 is our most preferred version for videos nowadays. It delivers high definition output and supports almost all devices including phone, tablet, and computers. But MP4 is the recent development in the industry so we won’t get the same format for old videos.

There will be plenty of file extensions among our collection of movies those stored on the external hard drive or somewhere else. It includes DVD, WMA, MPEG, MKV and so on. They will play on some devices, but not in many others. What will you do if your favorite movie or video is not playing on your tablet or laptop?

Conversion is the only way in such a situation and you will get a number of tools for the purpose. VLC Player is the most popular app to play and convert any type of media files. It’s an open source multimedia player and will work any platform like Windows, Android, and iOS.

Download it from the official site here if you are not using it already. Follow the instructions to install it on your device.

How to convert your video to MP4

  • Open VLC Player on your device
  • Tap on Media from the Top. Choose Convert/Save from the drop-down menu.

video converter

  • Click on Add button under File tab or choose Disc and click on the Convert/Save button at the bottom. Use the default profile to convert our file to MP4 format. Choose a destination folder to save your output and click Start. Wait. Your video will be converted within a couple of seconds.

MP4 converter

We explained how to convert a saved video in your system to a new format. But converting an online video is entirely different and simple process. Recently I downloaded a couple of video travelogues from YouTube and as you know, I want them in MP4.

Clipconverter is mostly I prefer on such occasions. It’s easy to use and you will get the output without any delay. Give your YouTube URL in the desired box , choose MP4 as file type and click Download. That’s all. Get ready to download your output within a few moments.

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