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How to Add Find and Replace, Font Size Buttons in WordPress Visual Editor

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Suppose, you are going to write a new WordPress post. The texts can be customized there in several ways. It includes formatting like heading, bold, italic and paragraph alignment options. If post contains some lists, you can make use of bullets and numbering feature too.

That’s all. The default post editor in WordPress lacks advanced features that bring more functionality to the writing panel. The normal visual editor will look like this,

WordPress Post Editor

To assign font size to some section, underline a heading you should go for coding. Too bad. It’s not practical to insert tags each time to beautify your post. TinyMCE Advanced extends normal editor to a rich editor. It will add a number of new buttons to your toolbar. After installing and configuring the plugin, you will see similar sight in the Add New screen.

WordPress visual Editor

Some of the included buttons are,

Find and Replace – This will be very helpful to find a particular word or phrase and replace it with a new wording.

Font Family and Size – Choose a font family and use a bigger or smaller text in your posts.

Color – Assign a text and background color to bring attention to some parts of your contents.

Table – Insert a table, customize it without using any code or other plugins.

Video – Insert an embed, source video. Edit its dimensions.

Image – Insert an image from external source, adjust its dimensions and style settings.

Increase/decrease indent – Manage space in between the sentences.

Special Character – To use special characters like copyright, registered, trademark symbols and many more.