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How Far Have Technology and Social Media come? A Brief Look at the Advancements Made So Far!

Social media technology

Social media has penetrated the hemisphere of today’s society by simply implanting itself into the model of mobile devices, television, business interactions as well as other elements that are essential to shaping our culture. Several technologies quickly adapt to the transparency and hyper-connectedness of the social media like Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Twitter, and Blogging.

Advancements in social media technology

With the latest advancements of high-end technology in the world of mobile revolution, Smartphone is no doubt one of the best tools to keep people closer to the present day communication. In fact, today Smartphone is simply integrating the claims of the social media, and having the mobile browsers which enable individuals the access the social media channels anywhere and anytime. As per the statistics, in the year 2010, the percentage of people accessed social networking sites through the mobile phone was around 30.8 %. Moreover, this figure increased by again 8.3 percent just a year ago.

So, as of today, you can now get an approximate calculation regarding the percentage. The numbers of Smartphones users are increasing with time, and so the percentage of people accessing the networking sites is also growing rapidly. It is quite easier to access the sites from the phones as compared to desktop and laptops. One can have video conferences, exchange chats, and emails, browse websites, play games online, and Tweet using Smartphones.

Facebook: The best communicating channel among individuals

As per one of the recent studies, Facebook has become the most important channel for people today who wish to share details like status updates, links, videos and news. Again, software and connectivity in the Western countries are giving freedom to people to access the latest technologies with complete ease, and the developing countries like China and India are also rapidly catching up with the changes.

The present-day mobile phones have incorporated the social media to be directly used with the motto if integrating the third-party applications as well as the browsers.

Now, Facebook had more than around 600 millions of users and known for being the most attractive and visited platform for consumers and business alike. Recently, a significant growth in the number of visitors has been witnessed in Twitter. It includes both mobile and PC-based.

Teenagers: Another group of population

Teens make the other group of the population that prefers to make use of social media often. Apart from texting, now Facebook allows individuals to share their pictures, play games and communicate with anyone they wish to.

Mobile advertising and internet marketing are known for being exclusive tools for your business requirements. Below, we will cover some strategies and methods that are explained in brief:


  • PPC

  • E-mail

  • Blogging

  • SEO optimized press releases

  • Integrated and mixed strategies

You can spread your message to the targeted group of people with careful monitoring as well as planned internet marketing strategy.

Options provided by social media tools

Several options are available to the web users by the social media tool for searching things quickly that interest them. Rather than going through the process of tedious tasking to find out the preferable item, you can narrow down your search with the help of bookmarking. Many social media sites will reflect the popular links to the items that you have recently searched for or added to the wish list. Social booking has made the online social shopping easy and fun.

Social shopping

Today social shopping has become one of the most popular activities for individuals. Rather than browsing through the online stores for a particular item, social shopping enables shoppers to get the product they are looking for quickly and easily. When it comes to online shopping, then it takes place in various forms like ProductWiki, MyItThings, and ThisNext. These are hot websites that are widely preferred for online shoppers. You can expect something new from these sites mentioned above. Social bookmarking can no doubt make social shopping easy and fun filled. Customers who prefer to look for a new bargain can visit their favorite social bookmarking sites. In case, there are any new shopping sites then you can also get them on the social bookmarking sites.

Social media benefits

There are multiple benefits of social media shopping, and one of them is that it can present you with several versions of a single product under one roof. You can ensure ease of shopping convenience. There are many other benefits of social media as well. Marketing for your products and brands is yet another importance that we cannot ignore at any cost. Without online social media marketing it would not have been possible by businesspeople to promote themselves as well as their brands so easily. At the same time, social media helps us to communicate with each other at the igniting speed. Just a message or press on the call button, and there you go connected with the other person. There is no geographic boundary as well, which enables all of us to get in touch with our loved one staying in other countries. It also facilitates online marketing where you can promote yourself not only within your locality, state or country but also far beyond that. If you use the strategies of social media and technology bonding effectively, then nothing can stop you from reaching the heights of success.

When it comes to social media and technology bonding, then the advantages are immense. We have discussed just one part of the benefits. There are much more than you cannot even imagine!

Author bio: Simon Morris is an experienced and skilled Business Consultant and Financial advisor in the USA.  He helps clients both personal and professional in long-term wealth building plans.During his spare time he loves to write on Business and Finance, Marketing, Social Media.He loves to share his knowledge and Experts tips with his readers.