How to Hide Author Name in WordPress Posts and Custom Page Types

Hide author name wordpress


By default, WordPress shows author name in blog posts. It is useful to easily identify to whom the writing belongs to. But author name is unnecessary in some other times, especially in company blogs. Corporates can either dedicate the post to the entire team or hide the name at all.

Team dedication is an easy task. They just need to create a new user account with desired display name and use it for all blog posts. The contents will fall under a common username even though they belong to the different authors.

On the other hand, WordPress is not providing options to hide author name from the posts. It lets admins change the author of a post, but not allowing them to hide the name.

Hide Author Name WordPress

Install and activate Show Hide Author plugin on your blog to overcome this limitation. It is a simple, easy to use plugin for doing the job.

Visit Plugins > Show/Hide Author from the left sidebar to manage the settings.

Hide Author Name WordPress

Decide from which part of the site, you want to hide the author name. Uncheck a page type to hide author names from them. If you have deselected Posts type, author name won’t appear in any of the blog posts.

To manage the part for individual pages, go to the next option and check Individual pages check box. Now you will get a new panel in the WordPress post editor.

Hide Author Name WordPress

Here you can choose whether to show or hide author name in each of the posts.

In the plugin settings, scroll down to insert custom URLs to show or hide author names on them. Save changes.

That’s it.

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