How Guest Blogging Can Help You Grow Your Small Business

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Guest Blogging

Growing your small business can be done in many different ways. However, not many of these methods are as frugal as guest posting. With enough dedication and skill, you can easily give your website’s traffic a substantial boost, yet, this is merely the tip of the iceberg of all the benefits you stand to gain from guest posting. Here are six other issues you should seriously consider.

1. Generating backlinks

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The first massive benefit of guest blogging lies in the fact that it helps you generate backlinks and, in this way, improve your SEO status by quite a bit. You can link towards some of your old content or even directly to your homepage. In a situation where you want to link directly to your e-store, you might want to ask the owner of the blog first, seeing as how commercializing a post too much can make it lose some of its credibility. Either way, generating backlinks is possible in more than several ways and, in some scenarios, internal links can be equally as effective.

2. Diversifying content

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Another thing you need to worry about is the way in which you get to diversify your content. You see, even if you do have a field of expertise, different blogs have a different voice, a different audience, and even a different theme. This means that you’ll have to approach this topic from a new standpoint every single time. Sure, some of you may assume that just by avoiding plagiarism, you’re already accomplishing this task, yet, this is not necessarily so. Guest blogging helps you show your versatility, which is never a bad thing.

3. Cost-efficient marketing

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Probably the most important aspect of guest blogging lies in the fact that it’s an incredibly cost-effective form of digital marketing. First of all, you’re only investing a bit of your time, potentially even paying a low fee (usually around $1) for a stock photo that you aim to add to your content. In this way, you get to promote your business for free, while, at the same time saving the bulk of your resources for methods such as PTC marketing. That way, even if you decide to look for caveat loans to finance your marketing campaign, you can do so at the highest ROI possible.

4. Reaching new audiences

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Every blog already has some audience and while some people may follow guest posters (something we’ll discuss in a bit); it is usually the other way around. In other words, you’re entering a mutually beneficial agreement, a symbiosis, with a blogger. Here, you’re supposed to provide them with content to keep their blog fresh and relevant, while it’s their job to give you access to a new audience. To make the long story short, everyone gets what they need the most at the moment. This is also an accurate portrayal of how the delicate ecosystem of the blogosphere works.

5. Growing your personal brand

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Earlier on, we’ve mentioned that there are some people who follow guest posters, regardless of the blog. Well, this is only possible due to the fact that, while writing, you’re also improving your personal brand. Think about it, a person who finds your blog post fascinating may return over and over again looking for new content made by you. This practice will make you incredibly popular with bloggers. In time, people might even start googling articles written by you, regardless of the blog or topic. In this way, you get a steady audience of your own, apart from the previously mentioned blog-bound audience.

6. Networking

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In the digital world, bloggers in charge of renowned portals have significant influence and can help you in more than a few ways. They can, perhaps, allow you to advertise on their website, make a mention of you on their own or decide to like or promote your piece of content, regardless if it was written for their blog or not. Lastly, they can also recommend you and put you in touch with others that your career could benefit from. All of this can come from just a bit of your professional investment, talent, and dedication.


As you could see, there are many perks to be earned by guest posting. However, for this to work, your content needs to be of high enough quality. An average person spends about 3 hours and 20 minutes per post, which means that if you decide to rush things and finish in less than 2 hours, there will probably be a noticeable difference in quality. So, don’t rush, proofread twice and fact-check everything three times before you post it. At the end of the day, your own reputation and the future of your business might be on the line. 

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Emma Worden is a startup funding consultant from Sydney. She enjoys reading and writing on different aspects of entrepreneurship, usually finance and marketing. If you want to read more of her work, you can find it at Bizzmarkblog .
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