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The 35 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers to Manage Tasks

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Blogging is an interesting task if you have a passion for the work. It helps us to improve knowledge, boost writing skills, build new relations and make money.

To get the full benefit of the process, we should do lots of research and hard work as you know. There is no easy job in this world which lets you sit idle and give huge income to utilize. Without hard work, nothing grows but weeds. It is a famous quote from Gordon B. Hinckley. How accurate he is. Isn’t it?

We can describe blogging as a mixture of research, writing, optimization, and marketing. Thankfully, we have a bunch of tools that makes the process easier than what it should be. Use them effectively to unlock your opportunities as a blogger.

Google Chrome is the most favorite browser of ours. It allows you to work with such tools in the form of extensions. Some of them are helpful for research while others will guide you on writing, optimizing and marketing contents.

Best Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

We pick 35 best Google Chrome extensions for bloggers in this post.


Blogging starts with keyword research and analysis. These are the top extensions in the category.

1. Keywords Everywhere – Search for any keyword and know how valuable it is. This tool will show you monthly search volume, alternative keywords, and CPC rate. Thus it will guide you on the writing, whatever keywords can be used there and how much can you earn from AdSense like sites for the said content etc.

2. SeoStack Keyword Tool – Find long-tail keywords for your contents from the popular search engines

3. Keyword Tool Dominator – Another tool to find long-tail keywords

4. Link Research SEO Toolbar – Know how relevant or strong a website is. It is a great extension to explore keyword ranking and backlink opportunities.

5. SEOquake – Perfect SEO audit tool for any website. It will instantly tell you about keyword difficulty and backlinks, social media strength or traffic a website receives.

6. MozBar – Moz’s extension to get instant SEO metrics on any site

7. Evernote Web Clipper – Clip any post ideas and contents to your Evernote account

8. Save to Pocket – Save any web page, video and articles to Pocket for offline reading

9. Google Translate – Translate articles from unfamiliar language to your local language

10. Toby – Manage your tabs and save reference articles in an organized manner

11. Bookmark Manager – A Smart bookmarking tool for Chrome. It allows you to save contents across different categories right from a web page.

12. Alexa Traffic Rank – Check ranking of any website

13. Ahrefs SEO Toolbar – Access SEO metrics and explore competitors’ backlinks in a single click

14. Refind – Discover, save and share contents with Refind


This important part of blogging. We should use simple wording in the post. So readers will be able to understand it easily. The following extensions will help you to do the job.

1. Google Dictionary – Online dictionary from Google

2. Grammarly – Get instant suggestions for your grammatical and spelling mistakes

3. Office Online – Create, write and edit Office files right from the browser

4. Headlinr – Create headlines for blog posts

5. Dualless – Split your browser into two. So you can write and refer to links at the same time.

6. NightShift – It will automatically change the color of your browser contents to get a relaxed reading experience after sunset.


We need to optimize contents for better ranking. Chrome offers a couple of tools to analyze and optimize your articles and videos.

1. vidIQ Vision for YouTube – How a video becomes popular on YouTube? Discover and optimize your videos according to that, to unlock more traffic.

2. Tumblr Optimiser – Optimize Tumblr blogs to improve the speed

3. Bitly – Shorten, share links and track how many clicks you receive

4. Google Publisher Toolbar – Monitor your AdSense earnings and manage the account

5. Page Analytics – Know how readers interact with your pages and make changes in the website accordingly for improved user experience.

6. WordPress Theme and Plugins Detector – Detect themes and plugins used by a WordPress site

7. WhatFont – Identify fonts on web pages and use them on your site


Now time for the marketing. Share your content across social accounts and reblogging sites to get a huge amount of traffic.

1. Post to Tumblr – Quickly reblog or queue any post to Tumblr

2. Hootsuite Hootlet – Schedule and share contents to social networks from anywhere on the web

3. Buffer – Add your post to Buffer

4. Shareaholic – Another tool for social media sharing

5. Flip It – Flip articles, images, and videos to Flipboard

6. Pinterest Save – Save posts to a Pinterest board with one click

7. Scoop – Save links to Scoop.it account

8. We Heart It – Share post images on Heart it

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