30 Best Google AdSense Alternatives to Monetize Your Blog

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Are you a blogger?

Is your AdSense application rejected?

We all know that Google AdSense is the most popular income source for bloggers. It guarantees minimum monthly revenue to fuel our blogging activities. But what will do if Google continuously rejecting your AdSense application or banned your site because of its policy violations?

The company is not giving AdSense account to technology sites for the last some years. Our cyberspace contains thousands of sites at this moment which relate to gadgets, Android and other technology products. Huge numbers and absence of unique contents are the main reasons why Google turned against them.

Google AdSense is the best advertisement network for generating income. I agree. But not the last option. We have some more networks for monetization. They let you place different types of ads on your site and get paid when you reach the threshold.

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In Google AdSense, you should reach $100 mark to get the amount. The limit is different for other networks and payment modes. And wire transfer requires a higher threshold than other modes in most of the cases.

Just go through the following table and choose the best network for you. Out of them, I personally tried Adversal only that worked best for me and got the payment multiple payments.

Best Google AdSense Alternatives

We compiled a list of best Google AdSense alternatives in this post along with their threshold limit and payment modes.

NoAd NetworkThresholdWebsite
1Media.net$100 (Paypal and Wire transfer)Visit link
2Admaven$50 (Paypal, Wire transfer and Payoneer)Visit link
3Adversal$20 (Paypal, Check and Wire transfer)Visit link
4Chitika$10 (Paypal) $50 (Check)Visit link
5BidVertiser$10 (Paypal) $100 (Check) $500 (Wire)Visit link
6Propeller Ads$100 (Payoneer and Wire transfer)Visit link
7Revenue Hits$20 (Paypal, Payoneer and Wire)Visit link
8VigLinkNo minimum (Paypal)Visit link
9Buysellads$20 (Paypal), $50 (Check) $500 (Wire)Visit link
10Adsterra$100 (Paypal, Bitcoin, Payza and e-payments) $1000 (Wire)Visit link
11Vibrant Media Not verifiedVisit link
12Beacon Ads$20 (Paypal), $50 (Check)Visit link
13Superlinks$100 (Paypal) $500 (Wire)Visit link
14Skimlinks$10 (Paypal)Visit link
15YesAdvertising$50 (Paypal, Check and Payoneer)Visit link
16Adrecover$50 (Paypal, Check and Wire transfer)Visit link
17PopAdsNo minimum (Paypal, Wire transfer and Payoneer)Visit link
18Yllix$1 (Paypal and Payza) $100 (Wire)Visit link
19Clicksor$50 (Paypal, Payoneer and Check)Visit link
20Adbuff$100 (Paypal, Check and Wire)Visit link
21PopCash Not verifiedVisit link
22Yashi Not verifiedVisit link
23Monumetric Require setup feeVisit link
24Infolinks$50 (Paypal and Wire)Visit link
25MonetizeMore Not verifiedVisit link
26Advertising Not verifiedVisit link
27GumGum $50 (Paypal)Visit link
28Sovrn $ 25 (Paypal and Check) $50 (Wire)Visit link
29AdNow $20 (Paypal, Wire and e-Payments)Visit link
30Blog Ads$75 (Paypal) $750 (Check and Wire)Visit link










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