How to Get Traffic from Google Search Engine in 2023

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As far as traffic or search engine results are concerned, Google comes in front as a big picture. There are even plenty of search engines playing around the web. If you are fantastic about it, here we shall see why it is we all keen on Google search engine and how to get traffic from Google search engine in 2022.

Why is Google more successful than other search engines?

Let me throw some big names of search engines here: Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask, AOL, Baidu, Blekko, Duck Duck Go, and more. Among all these, Google does indeed have the best accomplishments.

Google has its imprints in almost all areas as webmaster tools, analytics, Google Chrome, and its extensions, Android, Youtube, and so on. Google has its remarkable presence in all such platforms, and thereby it uses all its resources to maximum advantage.

Probably, no other popular search engines have this type of ecosystem to grab data from and hence, to serve with the relevant and high volume of search results for the user queries. Thus, Google wins the battle and still has no better replacement yet.

Moreover, Google search engine result page does not have more annoying banners or other means of advertisements. Staying on the page is pleasant.

Ok then, now let us get into the strategies to get more traffic from Google search engine, such a big shot. It is not that easy like a melting iceberg to just happen as we go. I strongly recommend that you will have to have better writing skills for blog posts driving readers to your page from Google search engine. In addition to that, we have to do the hard work below.

10 strategies to get traffic from Google search engine

1. Be alert with the latest Google ranking algorithms

If we all know the guaranteed techniques to get the traffic and better ranking, anyone can compete and reach their goal (say, for example, Blackhat SEO). By the way, then Google search engine could not be the BEST in offering such relevant and satisfactory results.

We all know that, and even Google keeps on stating that Google comes with new updates every day. Instead of directly jumping into the routine optimizing traits, it is better always to keep knowing daily updates or algorithm changes from Google. Putting efforts and strategic inputs concerning the Google ranking algorithms is a smarter one ever.

Else, what might work well today may not bring your ranking today and vice versa. Hence, you may have to follow Google executives like John Mueller or favorite web pages like MOZ, SearchEngineLand, Google Webmaster center and furthermore.

2. Be curious to know your current ranking

You have to know where you are standing now before stepping into the next milestone. Use either Woorank, Semrush, Ahrefs, SEOSiteCheckup, or similar SEO tools to analyze your site’s current status in search engine ranking.

Majorly, few factors like ranking for specific keywords, particular post or product which gets better ranking, strong keywords not getting enough responses, site loading speed, traffic sources, monthly average searches and impressions, and more.

Only if you come to know the mistakes and where you are lagging, you could find ways, apply, and to improve it accordingly to get ranking from Google.

3. Make sure to correct your prevailing issues

From the results you are fetching from the site analysis, try to fix all the errors and mistakes correctly. There should be no flaws. Enhancing or optimizing is only possible as if you are perfect in what MUST do.

Do a thorough analysis of your site and the backlinks you have made. Linking to any spam or unhealthy pages may also affect your site search engine ranking. Have a practice in all terms not to get penalized by Google. I recommend Ahrefs and SEOProfiler to have breeze experience on link building tasks.

4. Don’t let your page loading speed to decline

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The site loading speed is an important Google ranking factor. Don’t be forgetful about this. Notably, for e-commerce sites – you would be facing a drastic decline in your ranking even there is a little bit increase in your site loading time.

Even the sites may be of significant players like Amazon, or eBay; Google will punish as if its site loading speed raises. It is immaterial how you are optimizing your site content, keywords, building links, and more, you have to be conscious of improving your loading speed.

It is healthy to keep running site speed test frequently and periodically. Keep an eye on it letting not decline to get better search engine results from Google and hence, traffic.

5. Work on your vigorous but low ranking keywords

Keywords are the essential elements of any site or blog posts depending on which we are visible to the search engines as well the users. From the site analysis report, do check the monthly search volume and average impressions for specific keywords so that work on such keywords to bring up your pages as users searches.

Pick your strong keywords for which you are getting low traffic, pay more attention to build quality backlinks on high authoritative sites. Optimize it further by internally linking it to your other ranking pages.

If you are looking for sales conversion from the traffic, then you have to look into another important aspect. There are different types of queries where we have to concentrate more.

For instance, users may be using queries like

  • How to lose weight in 30 days?
  • List of ingredients in the Hershey milkshake

These are all information queries where users want to know about something from Google. You may work on those keywords to get ranking, but you will not gain any sales from this organic traffic.

On the other hand, the queries may be like below:

  • best weight loss belts under $50
  • Top sellers of Hershey’s milkshake in NJ

These users are looking for a solution, and they are about to buy something related to their queries. In such a case, if you are working smart to get ranking for those keywords, then you will get traffic as well as the conversion ratio will also be high.

6. Don’t ever forget about Content – The king

If you are not getting traffic even you are doing your best in publishing blog posts frequently or freshening up your pages regularly, then you have to adapt to some innovative ideas. It is nothing but, having a lengthy and detailed information page.

Try to have appropriate images, infographics, and videos to make your content more pleasant to read. Infographics efficiently help you to promote your content virally among more people.

Google always gives priority to the pages having relevant and detailed content of over 1500 words at least. There is another benefit out of it. If you do have lengthy content, then you can have a high number of backlinks. If you are presenting your content after great research, then people would love to link to your pages. Thereby you can link back to them thus offering more information sources to your audience.

So, your traffic will go up blindly. Have a practice of publishing pages with lengthy and detailed information with relevant keywords. It is better to post a single complete page than posting multiple pages with short content length.

7. All-set your On-page factors

Again, the on-page SEO is all about optimizing your webpage content and keywords usage. Don’t ever be regardless of on-page SEO. Mostly, people won’t spend time on this on-page optimization though this is SERIOUS to improve our site for bringing the traffic.

Don’t bother if you don’t have much free time to work on on-page SEO. Yoast plugin of WordPress guides you to perform your tasks efficiently. Only thing that you have to do is, pick your primary or focus keyword. Yoast will help you to place such keywords wherever necessary like title, alt text, meta description, heading tags, introductory paragraph and furthermore.

8. Outreach for building quality links

As if you do have detailed content, you have done keyword research and perfect on-page SEO, here is next to do. You have to have decent counts of backlinks from high authority sites. In the keyword section, we were talking about one way of building backlinks, having lengthy content and hence, the more number of links especially quality backlinks. Similarly, there are loads of link building techniques that too workable in bringing up your site for better ranking.

You may outreach for placing your links in any old relevant as well as authoritative posts in websites already getting massive traffic. Either way, you can also contribute to publishing a guest post on related sites and have backlinks naturally, if possible. Naturally refers to not looking natural, it has to be natural.

9. Check and prompt Mobile rendering

Almost half and above searches are on mobile devices than desktops. It is sure that numbers are not going to decline, only keep growing. So it is mandatory to keep your site as mobile-friendly or mobile rendering.

You can either use Google’s mobile-friendly test or site audit tools to know about your site’s mobility support. Don’t fail to have more responsive pages and also better loading speed. Either you will have to lose around 70% of your traffic from Google search engine.

After all, don’t forget to work on your local SEO. Make use of Google My Business and rich snippets altogether with mobile-friendliness. It is for sure your Google traffic will get higher, and you can see it in your analytics.

10. Keep up your site always fresh

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However, you are getting enough traffic from Google. Don’t have limitations to work further. You have to keep your site always active with fresh content. I usually do have much hope on this. Thus, to have my page alive, I will keep on working on my old blog posts.

Meanwhile, I will also be neglecting the unwanted information and try to fill it up with the latest trends which would make my readers more exciting and informative. By updating your old posts, Google will consider your page activity and brings you up. Hence, you can drive more traffic from the Google search engine.

Final thoughts

You have to attempt all the strategies proposed from day one to till date if you want to get more traffic. Particularly in recent days, we have to pay more attention to content optimization as we are concerned about getting traffic. It has to be more relevant, unique, high quality, lengthy, informative and impressive too. While making content, you don’t fail to have all this perfect.

You will have to spend more time to read your audience and understanding them. Come up with breathtaking content and pitch adequately to grab your audience’s attention. Help users with what they want and make readers stay tuned with you.

At last, a gentle reminder. Don’t ever miss out to keep updated with Google ranking algorithms.

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