5 Ways to Get Authority Links for Your New Blog

5 Ways to Get Authority Links for Your New Blog

At the dawn of the development of the Internet, search engines only developed their ranking algorithms, and the quality of search results was much worse than now. In order to find the necessary information, sometimes users had to browse through several pages of search results.

To improve the quality of results, Google has developed a PageRank link ranking algorithm. The principle of its work is based on assigning a page rating to a site, which shows the level of its authority among all the others.

Of course, one of your tasks as the owner of a new blog is to constantly increase its credibility, both with the help of cool content and with the help of links. In this article, we will talk about the most effective methods for increasing the number of authoritative links to your blog.

How to Get Authority Links for Your Blog

What You Need to Know Before You Start

To make your blog’s link profile natural, it’s recommended that you build it up:

  • The link mass of the site should be built on the principle of “less quantity, more quality.” That is, you should not chase quantity, it is more important to worry about the quality of the references that refer to you. A natural link profile, consisting of only a dozen links, will bring much more benefit than a hundred cheap ones received from the blacklisted exchange.
  • You can increase the link mass to the site very quickly, but as already mentioned, this will lead to bad consequences. Therefore, you need to start increasing the number of links smoothly, little by little. For starters, even a few daily natural links in forums, reviews or comments on various authoritative resources will be enough.
  • Increasing the link mass of the site should be regular, without interruptions – if you decide to receive 10 links daily, then this schedule should be observed for 2–4 months until your blog gets into the desired top of search engine results. The slightest break in a few days will immediately cause suspicion of the legality of your promotion methods.

Therefore, then let’s talk about legal and effective methods.

1. Internal Linking

Smart Tips for Link Building in SEO

To advance to the top of search results, at the initial stage it is not necessary to purchase links. It is possible to use the old effective way – internal linking of pages. Put links to the internal pages of the site using as an anchor the exact occurrences of the search query on the promoted page and the entries that will help promote the page on a low-frequency query. The most important thing in internal linking is that the linked page should be similar in theme and relevant.

It is no secret that the internal linking of the site indirectly contributes to overall promotion. Just insert a block with similar articles at the end of the page and immediately increase the number of views. And the time spent on the site or behavioral factors will play a role.

2. Natural Links

Such links appear in a natural way. You do not need to buy such links or independently search for sites using free methods. We recommend that you consider this method as a long-term perspective, and always remember this opportunity when creating content.

As a rule, natural links appear quite rarely. To do this, your article or articles must be of high quality and most importantly useful to users. Then it is possible that another user wants to share unique material with others by placing a link.

3. Guest Posting

Guest Blogging

This is one of the very first ways to build link mass to a new site or blog. However, it is still valid. The essence of the method is simple and understandable – you publish your article on another platform, which is partly similar to your topic, and its target audience has approximately the same characteristics as yours.

The most important point here is to find a suitable platform, and it is best to do this with the help of a specialized service, for example, Adsy.

Of course, the guest article should contain a link either to the main page of your blog or to any of your articles. This can be done in the following ways.

  • Make a quote. That is, a guest article should speak directly about you as an expert in a certain niche, and also give content on your behalf. For example, you, as an expert and blog owner (link to a blog), recommend doing this or that thing, or, conversely, avoiding/doing it differently.
  • Indicate your authorship and write a short bio. Bio after the article in the guest post is a short story about you and your activity, of course with the appeal to read more of your articles directly on your blog.
  • Include your blog in the list of useful resources. For example, this could be an article that provides an overview of the most interesting and valuable blogs for travelers. One of the review points should be about your blog.

4. Contests

This is also a pretty good way, but the number of links received will not be unbelievable, be prepared for this.

The idea is that you are announcing the launch of your blog among your subscriptions on Instagram or Facebook, and to participate in the contest, ask users to add a link to your blog in their profiles, websites or blogs.

The advantage of the method is that you definitely get some share of the targeted traffic with good behavioral factors, which will positively affect the SEO. But the disadvantage is that all posted links are likely to be temporary, and most of your subscribers will delete them after the end of the contest.

5. Social Media Links

free Social Media Icons

And since we are talking about social networks, it is necessary to mention links from them, which, however, should be considered in this context only conditionally. The reason for this is very simple. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are private links that are not indexed by search engines. Their task is to attract real visitors, increase the recognition of the resource and the number of mentions about it, and not promote the site for one or another search query.

Thus, even thousands of links from a social account are unlikely to improve page ranking. On the other hand, it is very possible that this particular work will help to create a sustainable blog audience and attract interested readers.


So, we recommend that you consider the following points when developing your strategy for increasing the number of authoritative links. The quality of the content should always come first, otherwise, even the largest number of links will not help. Next, start an active promotion in social networks. And when your blog becomes popular and recognizable, it will be much easier and more economical for you to agree on guest posting.

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