40 Most Funny, Interesting Websites to Change Your Mood

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Looking for best websites that can fill your moments with fun and excitement?

There are several ways to relax and free from your stresses. Watching movies is a good option. It will entertain you and bring the viewers to the life, experiences of someone else. If you are not a movie maniac, go for a trip. You all know about the benefits of traveling. So I don’t want to explain again how it can change your mind.

If you are not in a position to watch movies or go outside, browse on the web. A couple of sites are waiting for you to fill your moments with fun, excitement, and knowledge.

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I suggest such 40 funny, interesting websites in this post.

1. A Good Movie to watch – A website for movie lovers. It will suggest you a good movie to watch next along with its storyline, sources, and trailer.

2. Tickld – Jokes and funny articles. It offers countless hours of fun and excitement.

3. Pick the Brain – Improve your productivity and health. Totally grow yourself.

4. HowStuffWorks – Interesting how to articles

5. Dear Photograph – Know how the time has changed a place.

6. Sort by dislikes – Find most disliked videos and channels on YouTube.

7. Stratocam – Collection of Some awesome Google Map images

8. Upvoted – Official Reddit blog

9. Solve the Riddle! – Watch the scene carefully and unlock the game to the next level. Great site to kill your time.

10. Gnoosic – Music recommendations based on your interests.

11. CoolThings – This website provides information about cool, probably never heard of items. Best way to get knowledge on unfamiliar gadgets and things.

12. Notey – Shows top blogging stories by your interests.

13. Awkward Family Photos – Funny family photos

14. How Far From Home – Read experiences of couples who travel around the world.

15. HiveStory – HiveStory is a network of writers. Join the site, contribute your words and shape them into amazing story threads with the help of others.

16. Experience Mount Everest – Do you want to reach the top of Mount Everest? Without leaving home? Then, this website is for you. Enjoy the hiking in real feeling 3D quality.

17. How Old – Upload your photo and Microsoft will predict your age. Cool. Right?

18. FutureLearn – Free online courses in different categories.

19. Faking News – Faking news on recent happenings.

20. Project Alexandria – Book recommendations based on your interests, favorite books or authors.

21. This Is Why I’m Broke – Buy products that you even know even existed.

22. GiphyTV – Cute, funny gif images.

23. Supercook – Enter whatever ingredients you have right now, the website will tell you which item can be prepared using them.

24. Our World in Data – A deep research on the human civilization and know what will happen in nearby future.

25. 9-Eyes – Photographs captured by Google street view cars.

26. Faces of Facebook – An app features profile pictures of all Facebook users. Can you find out your own from the millions of tiny photos?

27. Cracked– Interesting articles and videos.

28. All That Is Interesting– Unseen, rarely seen photos.

29. Funny or Die – Funny pictures, videos, articles, and tweets. Upload your own work and cast votes on existing contents to mark them as “funny” or “die”.

30. BioDigital – Explore the human body in 3D and learn anatomy in detail. The app is available on iOS and Android platforms too.

31. Dear Blank Please Blank – Write a meaningful message, express your opinion and send it to a person or thing to whom it really affects.

32. Lonely Planet – The ultimate travel guide

33. Next Bus– Enter your route, destination and find when your next bus will come.

34. Word Spy – Learn new words and improve your vocabulary skills.

35. Yelp – Find food, restaurants, nightlife and home services in a particular area.

36. Wine Library TV – Guide for wine lovers

37. This is my website now – Collection of small games to spend your free time.

38. Stars – An unforgettable journey through over 1,00,000 stars and center of the universe.

39. Ancient History Encyclopedia – It will teach you everything about ancient periods like literature, explorations, architecture, art, and others. Great website for history enthusiasts.

40. Engrish – English is a major language, but not all people are proficient in it especially in foreign countries. This website features funny mistakes of businesses and makes you laugh.

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