How to Force Users to Change Password Periodically in WordPress

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Some people have the habit of using the same password for a long time. It will negatively affect the security of your connected account. The password should change periodically for all kinds of accounts including web and bank for providing an extra layer of security to them.

We already covered a detailed post on cybersecurity. If you are new to our blog, read 12 Security Tips to Protect Your Computer from Ransomware Attacks.

When coming to WordPress, how often do you change the password? Change your passcode at regular intervals and ask other users to do so. But it’s not possible to monitor your co-authors to ensure whether they are following your guidelines or not.

change password wordpress

Expire Passwords is a simple, light-weight plugin to force users to change their WordPress passwords at predefined intervals. After the scheduled period, they will be notified in the login screen along with an option to reset the password by email.

After the activation, go to Users > Expire Passwords to configure the plugin.

change password wordpress

Enter life period for passwords. After which, users will be forced to change their passwords. Apply the rule for selected user roles and Save. Done.

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