How to Find out Your Most Popular Tweets- Most Liked, Retweeted Tweets

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Want to find your most popular tweets?

It’ll be interesting to know which of your tweets retweeted or favorited most number of times. If you are a marketer, you should be aware that the success of a social media campaign depends on the impressions and engagements it creates.

Followers will retweet and respond to your tweet if it is unique or helpful to them. This process will expand your social media exposure, influential rate, and which finally results in the growth of your business.

We already described how to monitor your Twitter marketing campaigns using hashtag tracking tools. Today we compiled three best tools to find out your most retweeted and favorited tweets over a period of time.

Best tools to find out your popular tweets

These are the best tools to discover your most popular tweets on Twitter.

1. Twitter Analytics

How to Find out Your Most Popular Tweets- Most Liked, Retweeted Tweets 4

Twitter provides an in-depth analysis of any account on a monthly basis. It will show results across different categories like top tweets, top mention, top media tweet, and top follower of the month. These figures are useful to track your social media growth and make changes in strategies if needed.

It will also let you know how many tweets you have sent in a particular month and how many impressions they created. The micro-blogging site records your new followers, profile visits, mentions, and informs you whether the rate is increasing or declining. Twitter Analytics is a great free tool to keep track of your social account and tweets.

2. Socialbearing

Popular tweets

Socialbearing is a powerful tool to get detailed statistics on your tweets. It will check each and every part of a user account and display various analytical figures like impressions, reach, total retweets, favorites at a glance.

The app will divide your tweets by source, hashtag, word, and quality. So you can easily recollect a post using any of the hashtag or word that contains.

On the bottom, Socialbearing shows the most popular tweets from your account. You can sort them by the number of retweets, favorites, engagements, reach, and followers. Choose Retweets (high to low) from the drop-down box to find your most retweeted tweets.

3. FollowFly

Popular tweets

FollowFly is another free tool in the category. Unlike other services, it allows you to explore popular tweets from any user account. It doesn’t require any sign-in and you just need to enter the username of an account to get the results. You can sort them by most retweets or most likes for the maximum last one year.

Hit the blue color Twitter bird icon to view the tweet in the original source. FollowFly is a simple app to find popular posts of any Twitter user.

4. My Top Tweets

popular Twitter tweets

My Popular Tweets is a simple tool to detect your popular Twitter tweets. Sign in with your Twitter account and enter any Twitter handle to find their most retweeted tweets. The app will fetch the details and display them in the order of the number of retweets. So you can see the most retweeted tweet at the top. 

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