How to Find out Your Most Popular Tweets- Most Liked, Retweeted Tweets

How to  Find out Popular Tweets of Any Twitter User

Looking for the ways to find your most popular tweets?

It’ll be interesting to know which of your tweets retweeted or favorited the most number of times. If you are a marketer, you should be aware that the success of a social media campaign depends on the impressions and engagements it creates.

Followers will retweet and respond to your tweet if it is unique or helpful to them. This process will expand your social media exposure, influential rate, and which finally results in the growth of your business.

Today, we’ll show you 5 ways to find out your most retweeted and favorited tweets over a period of time.

Best tools to find out your popular tweets

These are the best methods and tools to detect popular tweets of any Twitter user,

1. Twitter Analytics

Twitter analytics

Twitter provides an in-depth analysis of any account on a monthly basis. It will show results across different categories like top tweets, top mention, top media tweet, and top follower of the month. These figures are useful to track your social media growth and make changes in strategies if needed.

It will also let you know how many tweets you have sent in a particular month and how many impressions they created. The microblogging site also records your new followers, profile visits, mentions, and informs you whether the rate is increasing or declining. Twitter Analytics is a great free tool to keep track of your social account and tweets.

2. Search Operators

Using Twitter search operators is one of the best methods to detect the most liked or most retweeted tweets on any account. Let us check how it works,

Copy and paste this URL into your address bar to find tweets sent from Mashable’s official Twitter account and got 500 or more likes. If you are not getting any results, decrease the number.

To view most retweeted tweets from a Twitter account within a particular period (January 1, 2023 to March 31, 2023), use the following URL.

It will display all Mashable tweets having at least 100 retweets. Don’t forget to change the username and number as per your requirements.

This search operator will retrieve tweets from @Wired that got minimum 50 replies, 200 likes, and 100 retweets, and contains the keyword ‘Google’.

3. Twitter Search

Twitter search is another simple and powerful method to uncover popular tweets from any public Twitter account. Sign in to Twitter and enter the following search operators on your search box. For desktop, it will appear in the top-right corner of your Twitter home page. Twitter app users should click the glass icon on the bottom menu to enable the search option.

from:socialmedia2day min_faves:100

It will display results like this,

This is the most favorited tweet from the account. To discover the most retweeted tweet from the same account, make minor changes to these search operators. It should be like this,

from:socialmedia2day min_retweets:100

Change the username and number as you need. It will list the most retweeted tweets from the account in descending order. So you will see the most retweeted tweet on the top followed by other retweets.

4. Twitter Advanced Search

Twitter advanced search can help you to detect anyone’s popular tweets easily. Click here to open the search window and enter a Twitter username on the From field.


If you would like to view tweets sent from account A to account B matching the criteria, enter B’s username on the To field. Otherwise, leave it blank.

Scroll down and under Engagement, you will see options to enter minimum likes and retweets. Enter a number like ‘100’ there. Click on Search. It will list account A’s popular tweets with 100 or more likes or retweets.

5. WingAzul

Sort Tweets

WingAzul is a simple online tool to find the most popular tweets of any Twitter user. It can retrieve and sort tweets based on number of likes, retweets, impressions, and replies.

Enter the username of your target Twitter account in the search box, and set conditions to sort/order tweets.

That’s it.

Which is your favorite method to discover popular tweets on a Twitter account? Feel free to share your thoughts through the comment form below.

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