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How to Find and Track Your Lost Windows 10 Computer or Phone

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Windows security

We already covered posts about top security apps to protect your Windows and Android devices. They are great tools to find, track and recover your lost gadgets. If you are new to this blog, read our list of Windows and Android security apps.

Windows security is going through the crucial situations nowadays and the OS has built-in option to connect, track your lost devices. I hope you already using the service. If not, I will tell you how to activate and use Find My Device feature in Windows.

Before proceeding, make sure that you are signing into the computer with a Microsoft account and not with a local account.

To connect your device and Microsoft account, open Windows settings first. Tap Gear icon from the Start menu or type Settings in the taskbar search box to view your settings.

Click Accounts from the Settings panel. By default, your info box will be opened. Click sign in with a Microsoft account instead link and follow onscreen instructions to connect your account.

Turn On Find My Device feature in Windows 10

Now we’re going to strengthen the security of Windows devices. For that, open Update & Security menu from Windows settings.

Click Find My Device option from the left pane. Windows require to turn on your device’s location settings first to use the feature. Click the blue color link and activate the location tracking.

Open the same Find My Device settings again. Now it will inform you that the feature is active. Hit the gray color Change button to enable/disable the service.

Visit https://account.microsoft.com/devices in your browser & sign in with the same Microsoft account to check your device status and track its location.

Microsoft will store your device information including device model, operating system edition, serial number, processor, graphics card, anti-virus type, hard disk status etc on your devices page. You should also see its Bing map location under Find My Device tab of the same page. Click Refresh Map button to find the present location of your Windows computer or phone.

Windows phone users can ring back, lock and erase the device by choosing appropriate options. Choose the phone, select Ring and follow the instructions. It will ring even if it’s in silent/vibration mode.

Select Lock to lock your phone and show a message on the lock screen. In this stage, you can set a password for the device and prevent the thief from accessing your contents.

Select Erase to remotely delete everything on your phone. Follow the instructions to finish the wipe process.

That’s it.