How to Find Instagram User ID from Username (Quick Method)

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It’s easy to find out a username on social networking sites. Just check the URL of the desired account or on the top of the profile, the username will be displayed there. But what about user ID?

User ID is a set of numerical, which we don’t need in general situations. When talking about Instagram, we need the ID in developing apps and related tools. It is a unique number and differs with each profile.

Find Instagram User ID from Username

In this post, we’ll tell you how to quickly find a user ID from the username on Instagram.

  1. Copy username of the desired account
  2. Visit this link

Instagram User ID

Type username in the box and click Get User Id button. Wait. It will display User ID of the account in a moment. Copy user ID or visit the connected profile if needed.

Codeofaninja is another tool to fetch user ID from the Instagram username. Just like the above tool, enter username in the search box to get its user ID. That’s it. You will get the results in a millisecond.

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