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How to Find Email Address of Any Person or Company You Want

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How to find email address

Are you a marketer?

Do you want to get the email address of a person or employees in a company? You may need such information to make inquiries, explore new client opportunities, and boost sales. But it’s not an easy task. Visiting company websites and acquiring details from their contact us pages may not work for you always.

Thankfully, Clearbit has developed a Chrome extension to find almost any email address you want. It works with both your Gmail and Outlook accounts and lets you get in touch with anyone, right from the inbox.

Install Clearbit Connect from the webstore and grant it necessary permissions to access your email account. Once connected, it will add a new menu on the top of your Gmail screen. Open the menu,  and type the company name to see available contacts on that account.

email address

Now it will show the employees list along with their designation in the company. Filter them by name or job title and click on a name to get his/her full details.

email address

A new box will open where you can know everything about the contacts including their location, role in the company, personal website, email ID, and social media profiles. Tap the blue color Email button on the top to send a quick email message to the person.

Clearbit will show a similar window for your incoming emails also. So you can quickly verify the authenticity of the sender, company address, nature of their business, and connect them through social media.

email address

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