How to Find Who Divert Traffic to Your Site in Google Analytics

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Google Analytics

Do you want to know which websites divert most traffic to your site? Don’t you know which marketing strategy works best for you?

In Google Analytics, you can easily find out the traffic sources that send visitors to your pages along with various other factors like how much time they spend on your site, bounce rate, etc. That information will be helpful for you to analyze the progress of ongoing marketing campaigns and do necessary modifications if needed.

Different types of traffic

Google Analytics divides your traffic into 6 different sections.

Organic Search: Traffic that comes from search engines

Social: Traffic that comes from social networking sites

Direct: Traffic that comes directly. The user types your site URL in the address bar to open the pages.

Referrals: Traffic that comes from user clicks that originated from other sites

Email: Traffic that comes via emails

Others: Traffic that comes from RSS feeds, online communities, etc.

How to find your traffic sources in Google Analytics

Sign into your Google Analytics account first.

Select your Analytics property for which you want to get the traffic referrals.

Choose Acquisition from the left pane, then All Traffic. Expand the tab to open sub-menu.

Choose Source/Medium to identify your main traffic sources.

How to Find Who Divert Traffic to Your Site in Google Analytics

This screenshot shows the analytics property of BloggingTriggers. It says that Google organic search is the main source of our traffic followed by direct visitors and referrals.

Go to Referrals to dig deeper into your referral channels.

How to Find Who Divert Traffic to Your Site in Google Analytics

Now it will show all websites that send visitors to your pages. The figures contain the number of total visitors sent, new users, number of sessions, bounce rate, number of pages/session and average session duration.

Do you want to see the traffic referrals for a different period? Choose timeframe from the top right corner of the screen and hit Apply to get results.

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