How to Set an Expiration Date for Posts and Pages in WordPress

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expiration date wordpress

We are familiar with the term event blogging. Such posts are made for a day, week or month. They mostly deal with Happy New Year, Olympics, shopping carnivals and similar events.

Event blogging is ideal to generate huge traffic and income within a short period of time. But you can’t ignore the another part. The posts will be outdated soon.

We won’t read an Olympic related post after the end of the event. Isn’t it?

But the posts remain in the blog as usual. It’s your job to open each and every post & send them to trash or change the status. It ‘s a tough, irritating process and not practical for large scale blogs.

Set an expiry date for your posts and when the time elapses, they will be automatically deleted or changed the status.

Expiration Date wordpress.

Install and activate Post Expirator plugin on your website. It allows users to set expiration dates for posts and pages on WordPress.

Open Settings > Post Expirator to manage the settings.

Under General settings, you can configure various parts including default expiration category, notifications, date display and others. The plugin will display expiration date on the posts footer if needed.

Go to Defaults tab to set expiration values for the posts and pages.

Expiration Date wordpress

You can automatically enable the post expiration for all new posts. Choose your default expire action for the post types, enter email address for notifications in case you missed this part under the General Settings and Save.

Post Expirator will add a new panel on the right side of your WordPress post editor, where you can enable the feature and set an expiration date, time for the post. Again, you are able to change the default expire action for this single page.

The post will be automatically moved to the chosen folder, category or deleted after the expiry date. You can monitor the posts and date by going to the Posts > All Posts screen.

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