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How to Encrypt Messages on Facebook Messenger

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facebook messenger

Facebook Messenger users can encrypt their messages, so any third party even investigation agencies or hackers can read your conversations. It can be accessed by the sender and the recipient only. Let us check how can you activate the feature.

Open Facebook Messenger. Tap + symbol from the bottom right corner to start a new conversation.

Choose Write Message option.

Turn on the lock symbol from the top right corner. Now your header becomes black. Choose your recipient.

Secret conversations Facebook Messenger

Facebook will show the information relating to Secret Conversations. Click OK.

It will divert you to new message screen with chosen recipient name.

Secret conversations Facebook Messenger

Type your message and Send. This conversation is encrypted from one device to other and no one else can read it. To enable encryption, you need to turn on the lock symbol for each conversation.

How to send self destruct messages on Facebook Messenger

Send Snapchat like messages on Messenger which will be self destructed after scheduled time. You can configure the time for vanishing, from 5 seconds to 1 day after they’re seen.

Repeat the above process to start a secret conversation.

Secret conversations Facebook Messenger

Tap Clock icon in the text box. You will get options to set the timer. Choose how long your message should exist. It will be deleted automatically after the scheduled time.

How to delete secret conversations on Messenger

Open Facebook Messenger. Tap profile icon from the top right corner to open the settings.

Scroll down until you see Secret Conversations option.

Tap Delete all secret Conversations.

A pop up box will open with confirmation message. Click Delete.

That’s all.