How to Enable or Disable Nudge in Gmail (Web and Mobile Apps)

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How to Enable or Disable Nudge in Gmail (Web and Mobile Apps) 1

Do you usually forget responding to important emails that you receive? If so, the new Gmail feature Nudge is for you.

Gmail has recently redesigned its look and the way of handling emails. A number of new features are added including confidential mode, snooze emails, Smart Compose, and Nudge to fit your various needs. Hope you already started using the new Gmail and added features.

Nudge is an interesting tool that reminds you to respond to or follow up important emails in your inbox. Being it worked as a built-in reminder, you won’t forget to send email replies.

If your message doesn’t get any replies, Nudge will come again for your assistance and remind you to send a follow-up email to check the status.

Nudge Gmail

“When your inbox is flooded with emails, some will inevitably slip through the cracks. Luckily, the new Gmail can help.” Google said in the official blog post. “It will now “nudge” users to reply to emails they may have missed and to follow up on emails for which they haven’t received a response.” It added.

How to enable and disable Nudge in Gmail (Web)

Nudge is enabled for every Gmail user by default. To disable, or enable it again just follow these steps.

Open your Gmail account and visit Settings.

Scroll down to find Nudges option.

Nudge Gmail

Check or uncheck the boxes as per your requirement. Scroll down again to the bottom of the page and Save changes.

How to enable and disable Nudge in Gmail (Mobile apps)

Open Gmail app and tap the three lines icon on the top left corner of the screen.

Choose Settings from the sliding panel.

Click your email account.

Scroll down on the page to see Nudges option.

Nudge Gmail

Click the link and you will get the settings in detail.

Nudge Gmail

Here you can disable or enable Nudges. Once you finished, go back to the previous screen and the changes will take effect next time you return to the inbox.

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