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How to Easily Embed Google Maps in WordPress

Google Maps WordPress

Are you running a business website on WordPress?

Do you want to insert a Google Map there for guiding customers to find out your location?

Google Map is a simple and powerful service that provides satellite pictures, street maps for anywhere in the world. It is a great companion for travelers to prepare route plans and reach a destination with step by step instructions. When talking about business firms, they can easily direct people to their location with navigational maps and real-time conditions. Therefore Google Maps become an essential part of a business website.

In this article, we’ll show you four best free plugins to embed Google Maps in WordPress.

1. WP Google Maps

Google Maps WordPress

WP Google Maps is a popular plugin to insert a customized location map in your posts and pages. It is perfect for your contact pages, routes, maps showing delivery areas and anything else.

After installation, go to Maps > Maps to create your map and mark the locations. In the free version, you’re able to create a single map with as many markers as you like. The pro version allows you to create unlimited maps with several customization options.

Google Maps WordPress

Manage various settings including the Map size, type, theme and apply filters to generate a Map of your requirements. Copy shortcode to embed Maps in posts, pages and widgets.


2. WP Google Map Plugin

Google Maps WordPress

Create unlimited maps, locations and display them anywhere on the site using shortcodes. WP Google Map Plugin lets you generate fully responsive, multilingual maps in WordPress and customize each part of them.

Google Map API key is mandatory to insert maps in external sites. After installing the plugin, you need to create an API key in order to begin creation. Insert your key in WP Google Map > Settings and choose the language for the map.

Go to Add Location page to enter your own details. After that, you can start creating the maps.

Visit Add Map page to create a map and set its size, zoom level, type etc and Save.

All your maps will be shown in Manage Maps area. Each map is associated to a shortcode. Copy and paste it to your posts, pages or sidebar widgets to display maps.


3. MapPress Easy Google Maps

Google Maps WordPress

MapPress is a simple plugin to automatically insert maps into your posts and pages. It will add a small box under your visual editor where you can any address to create a map with directions and markers.

After installation, open MapPress menu from the left sidebar of your WordPress dashboard to manage the settings. You can define the post types where do you want to insert maps along with their location, size, controls, localization and so on.

Now go to WordPress editor to embed maps in your content area.


4. Google Maps Widget

Google Maps WordPress

Google Maps Widget allows you to show location map in the sidebar as the name indicated. In the premium version, you can show maps in posts, pages and custom post types using the shortcode.

Upon activation, visit Appearance > Widgets and add Google Maps Widget in the sidebar or footer. Configure various parts to customize the looks of your maps and Save. Open the website in a new tab to view your map.


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