How to Enable Email Logs in WordPress

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How to Enable Email Logs in WordPress

Wants to keep a record of all emails sent from your WordPress site?

Email logging helps us to know if WordPress is sending emails as expected and fix any email related problems easily. Logs will contain the date and time when an email was sent, recipient address, delivery status, etc. So you can know whether an email is sent to the right person and troubleshoot quickly if any issues found.

Unfortunately, WordPress doesn’t allow you to track emails by default. It makes us assign third-party plugins to handle the task.

Why WP Mail SMTP?

WP Mail SMTP is a fantastic plugin from WPForms to fix the email deliverability issue on WordPress. It will efficiently route your WordPress emails through trusted SMTP providers and ensure that they are delivered to the right address. The successful delivery and proper follow-up can create a big impact on your email marketing campaigns. It will also strengthen seller-buyer interactions and create confidence in the public to buy a product or service.

Email log is an exciting feature of the WP Mail SMTP plugin. It will store every detail about mails sent from the site like:

  • Date and time
  • Delivery status
  • Recipient’s address (including CC and BCC)
  • From email
  • Email subject
  • Number of attachments
  • Technical details

Enable Email Logs on WordPress


Install and activate WP Mail SMTP plugin on WordPress first. It is a powerful tool for webmasters to connect with the clients and send emails right from the website dashboard. Being work with almost every SMTP provider, it will be a great asset for promoting your products and business through emails.

After activation, visit WP Mail SMTP > Settings from your WordPress admin panel.

Click Email Log tab on the top.

How to Enable Email Logs in WordPress

Check the ‘Enable Log’ option to activate email log on your site. Thereafter, you will be able to see the basic details for all sent emails like date and time, status, recipient addresses, etc.

Once it activated, you will see another option (Log Email Content) to store all of the content of sent emails. They will be saved as plain text to your site’s database. Activate it carefully and if you really need to view the email content at a later time.

Save settings to finish.

View Emails logs on WordPress

Click Email Log from the left pane of your WordPress dashboard (WP Mail SMTP > Email Log) to see all your outgoing emails one by one.

WP Mail SMTP email log

Click on the subject to explore a particular email in detail.

Do You Know Who Received Your Email? Check Your Email Log

It will show everything about your email like date and time, subject, mailer service, sender, recipient, number of attachments, etc.

Demo & Download WP Mail SMTP Plugin

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