DuckDuckGo: A search engine that is not following you


Google is the most popular search engine for refined results. We all are using it. But if you are concerned about privacy, it’s time to change to DuckDuckGo.

Founded by Gabriel Weinberg, in 2008, DuckDuckGo is a powerful search engine mention itself as “great search results without tracking you”. Common search engines will collect users data for showing customized ads to them. Request from the security agencies is another reason. But DuckDuckGo won’t collect any such information. It says ‘searches are a reflection of your personal life. That’s why we don’t collect or share personal information.’Moreover, it gives deep search results similar to Google.

When we accessing any search engine, it automatically collects our computer details like user agent, IP address etc. It uses such information to tie our queries and sometimes may pass them to business houses for the purpose of targeted advertising. That’s one of the main sources of incomes for search engines. But Duck won’t store any of users previous searches, so it’s unable to show the personalized search results also.

DuckDuckGo currently gets more than 5 million searches daily and it had got one billion hits in 2013 alone. Apple has recently announced that it will add DuckDuckGo to the future versions of Safari in Desktop and Ios. This is the first time, a private search engine is to be included in any of the leading browsers.

DuckDuckGo’s instant answers feature allows anyone to contribute the ideas and codes for improved functionality.