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Do You Know How to Connect Your Laptop to Your TV? Find Out Here!

Do You Know How to Connect Your Laptop to Your TV? Find Out Here! 1The HDMI Forum, the organization to look after the HDMI specification and standardization purposes, has been there for a while. Moreover, with their serial announcing of newer versions of HDMI, it can be assumed that it will be there for quite a long time. Though you can find laptop models compromising with an HDMI port, the use of hubs can make it easy. So, we are here with a guide for how to connect your laptop to your TV.

What is HDMI exactly?

Officially, HDMI stands for High-Definition Multimedia Interface. It is proprietary video/audio interface to transmit uncompressed video data and uncompressed or compresses digital audio data from HDMI compliant device source, like Computer monitor, TV, and mp3 players. It eases connection between various media devices and mainly between your laptop and TV. Laptops with HDMI ports allow you to project high-quality audio and video on your HD-capable devices like televisions and audio receivers.

Why should you pay so much to your cable operator when you can have all that on the internet for free? The point arises, watching on ultra HD TV provides a special supplement to the content of the show. So, this problem can be sorted out pretty easily. Nowadays almost every laptop has HDMI ports, and the ones that do not have can be used for the similar purpose by using a USB hub.

How to connect?

Well connecting a laptop to a television can be a nightmare for starters and a children’s play for the experts. Here is a step to step guide to do so, and it fairly that easy:

  • Insert one end of the HDMI cable into your laptop’s HDMI port and if your laptop has no HDMI port then use USB hub connected to your laptop which has an HDMI port.
  • Insert the opposite end of the cable into the available HDMI port on the receiver (monitor, television). Note that there are USB cables for receivers without an HDMI port as well. So, do not get low seeing HDMI port absent from your laptop or your TV.
  • Then set up the connected receiver to your desired mode of input, like “line in” or “AUX” for receiving quality HD audio and video from the laptop. The converse can also be done. One can set up the receiver to an output channel as well if the intent is to make the laptop the receiver of multimedia data.
  • Now you are all set to project the data from your laptop to your receiver or TV. Play the laptop’s multimedia content which you intend to project. Conversely, you can also project the contents from TV to our laptop as well.

Following these simple steps might clarify your assumption that using HDMI is a work of experts and not for amateurs.


HDMI is a thing of great use. If your laptop screen seems too small for playing games, you can use HDMI, if your friend circle wants to watch a movie, or even when you need to give a presentation, connect to a projector, all these things can be done using HDMI. Not only it helps in saving times in transferring files, but also it helps you to project/ present your data in a better and efficient way.


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